Throughout my life I have found that the best way to learn about people and their experiences is to talk with them. I use this blog as my own personal stage, which allows me to communicate with Trendipia’s visitors about everything that is happening in my life. In doing so, I hope to help you learn more about me, while also offering advice that you may be able to apply to your own travels and life.

However, communication is not a one-way street. I want to hear from you just as much as you hopefully you to hear from me. That’s why I have created this page, where you can send any messages that you have my way.

Not sure what you might want to talk about? That’s fine. Here are a few topics that tend to make up the bulk of the messages I receive.

Talking About You

Everybody has a story to tell. I do, the people I have met on my travels do, and so do you. I’m not the only one who wants to hear your story either. The thousands of people who come to Trendipia every month absolutely devour all of the information on the site and I have found my audience delights in hearing about what other people have experienced in life and how these experiences have influenced the decisions they went on to make. Your story is worth telling. Both for you and the thousands of people who may be able to learn something from your life. You can tell your stories through submitting a guest post! I am always option to read your posts. For an opportunity to write for us, don’t be scared to contact me!

New Information And Corrections

While I strive to make every post on Trendipia as accurate as possible, usually pulling from my own experiences in the process, there are occasions when mistakes are going to slip through the net or I don’t talk as much as I should about a topic. If that’s something you have spotted in a post I would love to talk to you. Together, we can make the improvements needed to ensure what I write serves the amazing audience that visits this site.

Travel And Fitness Advice

I am always looking to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to both traveling and fitness, as I’m sure you have seen if you have perused the blog. To do that, I rely on people like you to talk to me about new things that they would like to hear about. Heard about a new fitness regime? Let me know! Is there a destination you want to find out more about? Tell me because I’ll likely want to go there myself too.


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Regardless of your reason for talking to me, I want to hear from you. Just send your message across using the form below.