What Makes the Best Inflatable Water Park?

Ideally, an inflatable water park should be easy to install, versatile, and include plenty of options for additional customization. After all, the goal is to make an inflatable water park that adds value to the business without spending too much, so what’s the best set-up for commercial uses? Inflatable water parks come in such a wide variety that it’s often tricky for first-timers to decide on a specific brand. The products are widely available online; there’s no denying that fact, yet the criteria for choosing a brand aren’t apparent at a glance. So, with that in mind, here’s what you should look for in an inflatable water park to find the best product.  

Entertainment for all ages

For starters, it is a mistake to build an inflatable aqua park only with children in mind. Kids may ultimately use the slides, swings, and water trampolines more often than adults, but everyone deserves the chance to have a good time. Honestly, the most successful water parks have a broad appeal to all age groups, and customizable, inflatable products from Aquaglide stand apart as a sound option. You have options for cabanas and lounge areas, which kids most likely won’t use as often as adults.

Versatile configurations and add-ons

Along those lines, Aquaglide inflatable parks come with several options to add-on sections, such as the Sky Rocket swing or an obstacle course. The core system already includes connections for inflatable slides, wheels, and bounce bags, but you don’t have to devise a linear setup. You could choose to make an Aquaglide park with a ring configuration to make a loop or opt for a winding, snake-like set-up. There’s absolutely no shortage of options with Aquaglide products, and you can’t say the same with other brands.


As you might expect, safety should be a factor, but why? What can go wrong at an inflatable aqua park? Not so long ago, the biggest downside about inflatable water slides was that they could get boiling after exposure to sunlight all day. However, the risk of the fabric causing burns and skin irritation is much lower if you keep the parts moist and wet. That’s where Aquaglide’s Monsoon Spray feature comes into play. Each piece stays wet to keep the outer material cool enough to walk on throughout the day, not just when it’s not as sunny outdoors.

After all, water parks are best when the weather’s hot and sunny, not overcast and cloudy. Nevertheless, beginners sometimes overlook this fact. Your inflatable park will get the vast majority of use during the spring and summer seasons, so the product you decide to install will need to stay cool when temperatures rise.

Indeed, the best inflatable water parks come with plenty of add-ons, and they’re versatile enough to appeal to kids as well as adults. You could go with other brands, but products from Aquaglide stand apart as an excellent choice for the inflatable variety.