What Is the Best Thing About Traveling?

Traveling is the best thing about my life. I am sure you have read a lot about my travel adventures on Trendipia and like my posts too. Today, I am going to share my personal thoughts on traveling and what is the best thing about globetrotting.

Traveling is a life-changing experience

I have been traveling ever since I crossed high school. In the beginning, I started exploring new destinations in my own town and discovered that there is much more than history and culture has to offer even in a small city as I lived in. Then I started going to nearby states and realized that I had to explore even more amazing people. I must suggest that I have learned a lot during my travel experience. I have met both good and bad people and they have only helped me grow as a person. It is because of this that I have become a humble globetrotter. I now cherish each minute of my life and life as if every day was my last.

Traveling helps friends

Traveling has helped me make several friends. Today, I have more than 3,000 friends on Facebook, and I know all of them personally. I think this is the most interesting thing that has happened to me to date. Knowing so many people around the globe has given me the chance to explore new cultures. In fact, I now spend time at my friends’ places frequently as they call me to help me experience their culture, food and their music. I couldn’t have imagined that I will know so many people at once.

Knowing many languages

Since I have traveled around the globe, I now know many languages. I know a little Russia and Mandarin, all thanks to my travels for Trendipidia. I can converse very easily in Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, and French. I have little conversational ability in German as well. If I stayed in my town or went to a big city to become a cubicle worker, I would have only known one language. Now, I know so many.

In New York, one day, I came across two Korean tourists who had a hard time navigating their way at Times Square. The language barrier and accents made it hard for them to understand directions. I went up to them and asked them their problem in broken Korean. They were delighted to find someone who could understand their language and was ready to help them. The happiness I felt by connecting with the two tourists was simply indescribable.

The different tastes

I am a foodie, so traveling around and eating many different kinds of foods is like a dream come true to me. I have tasted so many cuisines that I feel my life is a kaleidoscope of thousands of tastes, flavors and aromas. Life is good and I still love how steak tastes different in Alaska than in Texas.

The world is full of wonder and amazement, and I hope that I will continue on my journey and keep traveling for Trendipia.