A Weekend Getaway to Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the smaller countries in Europe. However, its size can’t hide the incredible treasures of tourist spots, architecture and rich culture waiting to be explored. If you’re planning a weekend trip to Europe, Montenegro is a place many would consider visiting. This quaint little eastern European country is perfect for a weekend getaway.

However, don’t be fooled. It’s not as easy to go there, and requires some brain cells to figure out an inexpensive way of getting there – maneuvering flights and accommodation without costing a fortune is tricky. You may choose to consult trustworthy holiday packs, or you may want to wander out on your own, a little prep always helps. Once you get there, there are so many things to discover, but it’s always nice to have it all streamlined. Read more and allow me to help you out there.

  1. When to go?
    The best time to visit is between April and September. The country has mainly two different types weather- Mediterranean weather with very warm summers and mild winters, and the sub-plane climate when summers are warm but winters are extremely cold. The coast however is a great place to be at any time of the year but it is usually quite crowded in July and August. The rents in hotels and resorts are likely to double during the peak time of congestion. So depending on these weather variables, plan the time of your visit accordingly.
  2. Where to go?
  • Budva
    This wonderful city is decorated with medieval walls, impressive arches, and a pedigree, dating back to the ancient Greeks. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations during the summer with beautiful beaches surrounding the costal line. You can lie down in the pretty sand or watch the waves crash into the gorgeous pebble beaches or visit the calmingly secluded sunspots in the island of Sveti Nikola, which you can reach via a taxi-boat from Budva.
  • Kotor

This glorious butterfly-shaped bay is a jewel on the Montenegrin crown. The walled town of Kotor is filled with beautiful cobblestoned paths and churches with a lovely museum that holds testimony of the region’s proud seafaring heritage. The baroque town of Perast sits further around the bay and is known for a famous victory against the Ottoman empire. From here you can make a pilgrimage by boat to the island called Our Lady of the Rocks where peace and tranquility will beguile you.

  • Lake Skadar
    South of Podgorica lies in Lake Skadara lovely spread of mountain-fringed water that goes into Albanian borders. The wilderness and the natural allure of the place is prized by all in Montenegro. You can explore the area on foot, on a bike or even in a kayak while watching the wild fishes swimming through the crystal clear waters. You can even find delicious local wine to wash away the day’s fatigue.
  • Mala Rijeka viaduct

This huge railway viaduct was built back in the 70s when it was celebrated as the tallest structure of its kind in Europe. It was one of the many star attractions on a stretch of tracks that link the Montenegrin port of Bar with Belgrade. It was a fantastic feat of engineering at the time of its construction. The trail gives its passengers a great view of enormous gorges and caverns and beautiful creeks. If you are looking for a scenic countryside travel experience to calm your nerves, this is as great an option as any.

  1. What to eat?
  • Black Risotto

This interesting looking dish is made using squid and squid ink. The intense black color however, comes from cuttlefish ink and its made with calamari bits. The fresh garlic and parsley brings out the creamy flavors of the risotto. If black risotto is a little too risqué for you, you can also try the red or white seafood risottos are also a delicious choice.

  • Gavice

A traditional favorite street food of the Montenegrin coast gavice is a delight for all seafood lovers. They may look unappetizing but once you start digging into them, you are sure to get hooked! If anything Montenegro is known for its Mediterranean flavor. You can get a plate of gavice for about 2-3 euros and its totally worth it!

  • Cevapi & Pljeskavica

These are minced is found throughout the Balkan regions. Cevapi means little sausages and Pljeskavica means burger patty. You can find them at restaurants in the cities. They are usually served with fries and salads or with fresh buns and cabbage. These Balkan hamburgers are sure to be a treat for anyone.

Montenegro is a culturally rich and vibrant country and for a weekend getaway, it would serve as the trip of a lifetime. So pack your things and hop on a plane for an amazing little European retreat!