Wedding Jewelry Every Bride Must Have in 2020

Wedding jewelry usually doesn’t have much importance aside from wedding rings and engagement rings, but 2020 is a year to look forward to for wedding accessories. Dresses aren’t the only important thing on the checklist anymore.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, the general rule is it shouldn’t be show stealer. However, it must still be cohesive with all aspects of your theme and wedding look. Here are some examples of jewellery that brides must have and 2020 as well as some tips on how to accessorize properly.

Statement Jewellery

Statement jewelry is as the name suggests. Basically, it almost has its own identity because of its design and history. However, when it comes to wedding jewelry, it should not be overstated. This can be done in several ways with the examples below:


When wearing a statement ring during a wedding, it should be only one big ring or a set of smaller rings like midi rings. If it is a bigger piece, it should be worn on the right so it won’t take the attention away from the ring finger on the left hand.


Large statement earrings are usually fitted with huge gems or shaped to be larger than regular earrings. When wearing statement jewelry like this on your big day, it should be paired with a subtle hairstyle and neckline. If the design is appropriate, you can wear a matching set as well. This brings us to necklaces.


Statement necklaces usually consist of pieces that have large gemstone or intricate designs that fall down to the chest. This type of jewelry works well with lower necklines and subdued hair and makeup.

  • Minimalist Tiaras and Circlets

Tiaras and circlets can replace veils and flower crowns this year. You may choose from precious metals or costume jewelry. They must be paired with a more intricate hairstyle. If not, it should accentuate the crown of the head and match the overall look of the bride.

  • Customized Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not limited to diamonds anymore. They can be rings with other precious gems like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and different colored diamonds. The designs and cuts are also more ostentatious these days. Say goodbye to round diamonds and hello to the exquisite emerald, Ascher, cushion, and princess cut gemstones. For cheap but luxurious engagement rings, you may look at the best diamonds Vancouver BC has to offer.

What’s your take on wedding jewelry for 2020? Do you have any honorable mentions that we should include in this list? Tell us in the comments below.