Traveling For Self Discovery: 5 Introspective Destinations

Self-discovery is a large part of the human journey.  Historically, people have traveled to far off places to try and find something new within themselves.  Those seeking a deepened sense of self awareness or a new level of spirituality often travel to induce a singular state of mind.  

Sometimes seeking a place for meditation, relaxation, wellness, romance, and escape from the boundaries of everyday life will send you to places you have never dreamed of seeing.  If you are ready to embark upon the journey of a lifetime, consider these destinations to begin your adventure.  

Mukul Beach, Nicaragua

Setting out on a life-changing solo journey is an equally exciting and frightening endeavour for anyone.  Maybe you sold your house, and are on a journey to enlightenment.  Maybe you have to fit your self-discovery into a week long vacation from the concrete jungle.  

Either way, Mukul Beach in Nicaragua will transport you to another space in your mind.  The Emerald Coast of Nicaragua will take you far beyond the commonality of spa treatments and swimming pools.  

Keystone, Colorado

Colorado in the summer months of the year is a much different setting than the snow covered landscapes that typically come to mind.  The beauty of the surrounding mountains will take your breath away at the Keystone Lodge. 

The elevation will literally take your breath away, at first, as the lodge is located nearly 12,000 feet in the air.  The majestic nature of this destination will provide the perfect setting for a productive inward journey.   


Perhaps it is the Buddhist mindset, which promotes equality of the sexes that makes Thailand such an interesting and introspective place to travel.  Perhaps it is the breathtaking countrysides and the architectural originality that draws people to its lands.  

Whatever the case may be, Thailand is an inexpensive, life-changing sort of destination that should not be disregarded.  Research some of the spiritually fulfilling qualities of Thailand, and prepare for an adventure like none other.  


Bhutan will be a new experience for sure.  The culture of the country is unlike any other in the world.  Bhutan did not have roads, electricity, cars, or telephones until the 1960’s.  It also plays host to the highest unclimbed mountain peak in the world.  

Gangkhar Puensum is a sacred mountain to the Bhutanese people, and the government strictly forbids exploring the mountain.  It is important to note that you may only visit Bhutan on a pre-booked tour, with a personal tour guide.  There are no plastic bags allowed in the country, and tobacco is illegal.  

Cusco, Peru

Immerse yourself in the ancient culture of the Incas in Cusco, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire.  A mecca for spiritual travelers, the indigenous population still occupies the area quite heavily.  Dressed in traditional garb, they are often seen on the streets of Cusco.