Top Wardrobe Shoe Storage Tips to Consider

The desire to have a vast and diverse collection of shoes is a dream of many people. However, the situation can quickly become dreadful if you lack enough storage, and clutter fills your home. Excellent shoe storage solutions are very crucial whether you choose to go with your existing storage or purchase new fitted furniture. Below is a focus on some of the top shoe storage tips you should consider to ensure your home is organised and clutter-free.

Pull-Out Shoe Organisers

The simplest and most efficient shoe storage solution is to integrate a pull-out shoe rack into your storage space. Pull-out shoe racks take up a small space and are easy to use given their effective soft-close function. They make organising and storing your shoes a pure breeze.

It is essential to select the most suitable place to have your pull-out shoe rack placed before you hire a handyman in Whitehall or elsewhere to build it for you. If you prefer to leave your shoes in the hallway, have your shoe rack built there to keep your hallway clutter-free. Besides, if you prefer having all your shoes in your wardrobe to help in your daily outfit planning, consider building a pull-out shoe rack there. Whichever storage choice you go for, ensure it compliments your day to day schedule.

Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are less costly and convenient when you have a massive number of shoes to store. It is crucial to sort out your occasional and everyday pairs when organising your shoes. Shoes that you wear once in a while are often a bit more expensive than everyday shoes, and it makes sense to keep them further in protective shoe boxes. Besides, you can label the top of the shoe box for easy and quick identification of the shoes inside.

Style a Bookcase With Your Outstanding Shoes

If you have pairs of shoes that would grasp the attention of the most celebrated shoe fanatic, consider redesigning that open storage space in your home with your shoe collection. Select your most dazzling pairs and style your wardrobe with the shoes as the centre of attention. Besides, you can add unique accessories to glam the storage space even further. For example, beautiful handbags and sunglasses could go a long way in sprucing up your space.

Capitalise on the Built-In Shelving

In a case where your fitted wardrobes have built-in shelving, consider it a ready-made shoe organiser. Choose the number of shelves you wish to set aside for your shoes and put shoes with similar styles together to enhance the aesthetics of your storage space. For the heels, lay each pair heel to toe to create more space and maximise on the available space.

Utilise a Wire Rack

Wire racks come in handy when storing shoes that you wear frequently. You need to place your work shoes, boots and trainers where you can easily reach them anytime you need to use them. Wire racks are both cost and space-effective. They come in diverse shapes and sizes and are ideal for utilising small, wasted or difficult to reach spaces like corners.