Top Locations if You Want to Live in the Balkans

There are so many reasons why moving to a Balkans country might be a good idea at the moment. First of all, the turmoil from the past has settled and most of the countries in the region are on the rapid path towards the development. So, they will soon be flocked with visitors and potential entrepreneurs, looking forward to exploiting many opportunities this amazing region has to offer. Apart from this, most of the Balkans has an incredible cuisine, wild nightlife and low cost of living to offer, making it into a location worth considering when planning a move. Here are top four locations you want to live in the Balkans.

1.      Skopje, FYROM

As we already hinted, when compared to life in France, Belgium or most other European countries, the price of life in Skopje, is ridiculously low. This ranges from low rents and cost of food to cheap and affordable public transportation. On the other hand, the cost of rent isn’t necessarily the only thing to focus on, seeing as how the cost of real estate is also fairly affordable, although there’s been a sharp rise in prices, fairly recently. The surroundings are amazing, worth exploring and rich with history and culture. Those who later plan to transition to the countryside are also free to do so.

2.      Belgrade, Serbia

Those who want to move to the metropolitan heart of the Balkans, need to seriously consider Belgrade. Depending on whether you count Istanbul (due to its bi-continental nature), Belgrade is the largest or second largest city on the peninsula. Rich with history, this metropolitan area is a perfect hybrid between the old and the new. With the development of Belgrade Waterfront as a future premium real estate, this metropolis seems to be attracting investors all across the globe. Aside from being on the rise from the economic standpoint, Belgrade is also able to offer all the perks of present-day urban living.

3.      Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Those who always dreamed of living in a place rich with history, needn’t think twice when planning to move to Sarajevo. As the crossroads between three religions, throughout its history, Sarajevo was often referred to as the Jerusalem of Balkans. For those interested in contemporary history, it’s the place where WWI started, which is, on its own, an impressive historical feat. Moreover, It’s a city in the valley, surrounded by amazing hiking areas everywhere around. It’s also a place with great food, interesting accommodation and a long history of outstanding hospitality.

4.      Sofia, Bulgaria

Finally, people interested in running a tech startup are flocking towards Bulgarian countryside, seeing as how the area is serene, taxes are low and there are several metropolitan areas around giving you everything that you need. One of such cities is Sofia, which is definitely a place worth paying a visit. Furthermore, seeing as how the climate is temperate, you get to enjoy every season to its fullest, which is not something that a lot of cities can boast of.


At the end of the day, these four suggestions are merely the tip of the iceberg of all the amazing possibilities that the land of Balkans has to offer. Regardless if you want to move into an urban or rural area, hectic or serene surrounding, as well as whether you are lifestyle or ambition driven – this something peninsula always has something to offer.