Top 5 Yachting Destinations Around The World

Deciding where to go is half the battle of planning a vacation. Is your travel party seeking the crystal waters of the Caribbean? Are you looking to for more of a rugged and wild adventure? The nature of your journey often steers the ship’s course.

Consider your purpose before planning your destination, and research the most enriching locations around the world. Choose wisely, and prepare accordingly, especially when it comes to packing and picking outfits. You can get some ideas for yacht parties from websites such as or similar blogs.

Moreover, check out this brief overview of five of the world’s most exciting yachting destinations before plotting the course.

Visit Croatia in the Mediterranean

Take a trip around the globe to Croatia in the Mediterranean Sea. Croatia is thought to be a somewhat hidden gem for sailors. Put that new ceramic coating to the test, and explore the region’s 1000 islands.

Visit the “Dalmatian Coast,” and check out its Kornati archipelago. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country reside in this area. Centuries of history and culture seep from the sands of these places. There is nothing to spoil the view here. A good idea would be to rent a boat in Split as you would be able to explore anywhere you wish then!

The Southwest Pacific is calling

The Southwest Pacific is home to one of the most scenic tropical destinations on the globe. Fiji offers the chance to see an abundance of water creatures, some breathtaking reefs, and several lagoons that feel like paradise.

Fiji’s locals are known for their hospitality and kindness. Feel the warm welcome of Fiji and the sand between your toes. Enjoy coconut plantations, tropical rainforests, and an array of underwater adventures.

The British Virgin Islands

Sail your yacht to the popular British Virgin Islands on the steady trade winds the region is known for expressing. There are plenty of sheltered anchorages along the way to stop off and take a break from the seas for a moment or get away from a storm.

Two of the most breathtaking islands in the area are Anegada and Marina Cay. Anegada is known for its white sandy beaches filled with colonies of pink flamingoes. Marina Cay is an island covered in wildflowers, nestled in the arms of a lagoon. The two destinations are great for families.

The Canary Islands offer a rich history

Before Columbus set sail for the New World, he ported in the Canary Islands. The sailing scene has been popular in the area ever since that famed departure. The Canary Islands are an autonomous region of Spain that is sectioned into two provinces; Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Traveling around Turkey offers a proper exploration

Turkey is a magical land where culture and oceans collide to form one of the most unique destinations in the world. There is no shortage of enriching activities in which to involve yourself, so boredom is no issue.