Top 5 Treks in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Looking for the best treks in Parvati valley to rejuvenate yourself and explore the unexpected in your way. The cravings for wanderlust surrounded by the lush green trees and pine that enrich the soul. The Parvati valley is well-known for its beauty, mystical alleys waiting to be explored by travelers across the world. Himachal Pradesh is popular among youngsters for the treks, mountains, and the list goes on.

Parvati valley is one of the major tourist attractions in Kasol known for its fascinating beauty, mesmerizing views, surrounded by lush green pine trees, and mountains. The popularity of the Parvati valley has gained trekkers from across the world every season to experience the best majestic views. The roller coaster journey in Parvati valley treks makes you fall in love and trips extend from days to weeks in no time.

Kheerganga Trek

Love adventure and thrill? Begin your trekking from Tosh to Kheerganga, the trek of 14kms majestically mysterious to find out the hidden spots in the Himalayas from waterfalls to bridges, picturesque views that take your breath away and makes you nostalgic every time you remember the trekking. 

The perfect place to start trekking in Parvati valley is Kheerganga with an exquisite landscape with a tremendous flow of rivers, natural hot water springs to rejuvenate yourself and achieve peace of mind in the pristine environment, meditate or take a hot water shower to get relax and absorb the beauty of the place.

Mantalai Lake Trek

Parvati valley has one of the most beautiful treks with enchanting views and the origin of the valley. If you are familiar with trekking as this trek is quiet and remote but extremely gorgeous that takes your breath away. The trek is located in a remote area away from the hustle-bustle of the city and people. To experience the peace with mesmerizing and picture-perfect views is to carry the sleeping bag and tents to stay in the lap of nature.

The trek originating from the Parvati river is snow-covered and situated above the 13,500 ft sea level is Mantalai Lake Trek. The trek is 17km from Kasol and it falls on the way to Pin Parvati Pass which is also an amazing trek to explore.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

The lush green pristine Parvati valley on the Spiti side is one of the most challenging and captivating treks in India. The trek is situated at a height of 17400ft that is one of the most high-altitude treks in the Himalayas. The trek is covered by the mystical green valley and lush green forest making it the most thrilling trekking trail located in India away from the havocs of life and journey to heaven.

Pin Parvati Trek has spectacular views along with the side camping at Wichkurung Thatch in the Pin valley national park and Great Himalayan nationalized park are most famous across the world for snow Leopards and to watch Himalayan birds. If you seek adventure, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is your trek to discover and make the best of memories.

Chandrakhani Pass Trek 

Chandrakhani is one of the most astounding and adventurous treks in the Kullu valley. The scenic views, slopes of mountains, water streams, and appealing views at an elevation of around 3660m. The perplexed beauty and snow-covered trek allow you to experience the best trails in this trek. The thick forest bushes, lush green trees, breathtaking views, and nature at its best.

The beauty captivates the eyes and makes your soul at peace with pleasant weather that instantly lightens up the mood and uplifts the spirit. Chandrakhani pass trek will make you fall in love and you will be hearing the voice every time you think about trekking.

Sar Pass Trek

To imagine seeking the thrills in the stunning views which changes the whole definition of thrilling in your life. Sar Pass Trek is astonishing and will make you head over heels in love with its incredible night skies, fascinating views, and the more you trek, the more you explore you get completely in awe of the Sar pass trek’s beauty. 

Above sea level, a magnificent trek landscape is a heaven found on earth. The trek is a treat to the eyes especially for nature lovers, photographers, artists to connect. Sar pass trek has some iconic scenic views covered with the snow and looks like you are in your winter wonderland. Experience the breathtaking views, live in the tent, and camp to nurture nature at its best and absorb as much as you can. The Himalayan challenging trek is snow-covered. The wonderful environs and all-terrains of the valley are covered in trees and snow.

The treks with enchanting views and majestic appearances explore the slope of mountains. Parvati valley has beautiful landscapes, charming riverside, adventurous and thrilling treks that make one’s soul at peace. Trekking in Parvati valley is a lifetime experience and the treks make you fall in love with their mesmerizing beauty, local culture, and heritage. When you plan the next trip, include these treks in your itinerary.