Top 5 Animals to Hunt in America over Winter

It always requires an adjustment when deer hunting season is over. Whether you had a great season or it was less than satisfying, you’re probably assuming that now you have to wait until next season before you can try again. That’s not necessarily the case. The period between New Year to spring brings some fantastic hunting opportunities, so don’t worry about your hunting skills getting rusty. During the winter months, most animals tend to breed, which makes hunting these animals easier. When you think of Nilgai, for instance, the cooler time of the year allows for better preserving of the Nilgai meat, which is why many hunters prepare for Nilgai hunting (find more info on during winter. Having said that, you’re going to need to wrap up a little warmer, but when you’ve got to hunt, you’ve got to hunt! From predators to invasive species, here are some of the best animals in America to pursue when deer season is a distant memory.

1. Rabbit

Rabbits are highly visible from Fall all the way through to February, and there are plenty of US states that allow you to hunt them. A great way to keep your skills from going too rusty, you should opt for small firearms. This can include a .22 long rifle. Many people use their shotguns for rabbit hunting, but if you do go for this option then remember to stick to the right shot. 

2. Coyotes

This can be a year-round hunting experience if you live in the right state. That’s because American farmers are very happy to let hunters onto their land to get rid of bothersome coyotes. This is rarely an easy hunt though, as coyotes are particularly wary predators. Certainly an animal for experienced hunters! 

3. Crow

This is a lot more fun than you might think. Crows may not be the most appetizing animal, but they are certainly one of the more intelligent. They are also very disruptive to local ecologies, and duck hunters will already know how much they can wreak havoc on nesting areas. It can take time to hunt a crow, so you’ll need to wrap up warm with some SKRE Merino Wool hunting gear designed for colder hunting seasons. 

4. Wild Hogs

If there’s an animal that you can feel good about hunting, then it’s the wild hog. This wildly invasive and destructive species can be hunted all year round in the vast majority of states. Unlike the smaller animals already listed, you can unload the bigger guns for wild hog. Ideally, opt for the 30-06 or the 30-30 rifles for maximum effect without ruining the kill.

5. Squirrel

This is definitely one to consider if you’re trying to get the younger members of your family into hunting. Squirrel hunting is enormous fun, and you don’t need to worry about the kids losing patience after long waits either. This can be a fast-paced hunting experience that lets you involve the family. Stick to small and comfortable firearms like the .22. 

Of course, you should always check your local state laws before you start wandering and shooting your animal of choice. While the animals listed here can be hunted in most states, there will be established hunting seasons depending on the state. You may need to get a hunting license as well. When you’re wrapped up warm with a fresh brace of birds or something a little larger, then you can keep your skills up to date as you wait for deer season to open back up again.