Tips to Find Fun Games for Any House Party

Sometimes staying in can be a lot more fun (and cheaper) than going out. You could be having a family night and looking for games to play, or a group of your more rambunctious friends over for a night of drinks and laughs, or just a chill night with the girls. With any of these situations, there are fun games you can play. You can find game ideas through apps or use an app to actually play the game. There’s a link below to some great ideas and some top apps to play with teams. But do keep reading to learn about different games to play on different house party occasions.

Must Have Team Games For Night’s In

Family Night

If you are having a night in with the family, you can use apps to find the best games for your family that both parents and kids can enjoy. There are fun iPhone party games that put you into teams and the object of the game is to figure out a puzzle the fastest. See who is quicker, Mom and Dad or the kids. There are also fun games that allow the family to pair up and see which team is the best at charades or trying to explain what word is on your partner’s head without saying the word. Family game night apps can turn a boring evening on the couch into a memorable evening filled with laughs with your family.

Rowdy Night with Friends

You have invited your friends over for a night of drinks and laughs. Maybe you have even arranged for Mary Jane to visit from the likes of lowpricebud, if you’re the kind who likes the cannabis indulgence (and it’s legal where you live). You can even order cannabis in bulk and store them which can be used over a couple of house parties. That way, you can save a lot of money by avoiding delivery charges as you have to order only once.

All you need to do is visit informational blog pages on the internet that can provide information on how to store cannabis properly. Coming back to the house party, there are loads of games you can play with friends on your phone that will keep everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

You could look up some drinking games too. Popular games such as Never have I ever, Jenga, Fuzzy duck, and Most likely may be improvised based on the drinks that you have. As for the drinks, you could look for some interesting alcohol-high recipes like the Long Island Iced Tea, or a cement mixer shot recipe. Having enough drinks ready beforehand will prevent you from worrying if someone’s turn to down their drink comes up and the games get really interesting. This would be entertaining to watch and you could also join the fun when it’s your turn.

There is an app game that is inspired by the card game, Cards Against Humanity. This game is sure to invoke a lot of laughter, and maybe a little embarrassment, but it is definitely a game for friends without young ones around. There are other fun and dirty apps to play with friends like a take on truth or dare and other fun truth-telling games that make getting to know your friends better pretty hysterical. If you want to keep your party a little cleaner, there are fun iPhone party games that get everyone involved but with a lot less embarrassment.

Girls Night In

For your monthly girls’ night, you can shake it up with fun app games to play that focus on the ladies. Have laughs with your girls over a trivia or questions game naming your favorite song or first crush from high school. If there are some new girls in the group, you can break the ice by downloading the time’s up game app, which puts teams together to try to guess a person or an item on the card of one of the team members who can’t see what it is. This can get old and new friends working together and opening up in no time. Another fun girls night idea would be the charades party game. You can download different apps that help you play charades in which you can choose the categories and make it relevant to your ladies group.


There are loads of apps that can help you have a great house party night. Whether you have a house full of family, rowdy friends, or just the girls, apps can help you pick the perfect games to play. Enjoy every occasion with family and friends and use your phone to download fun games.