Tips To Consider Before Going To Dubai

Dubai is a trendy tourist destination, and one of the seven emirates recently ranked fourth among the most visited cities in this world. Dubai is famous for its booming business, quick renovation, colourful nightlife, shopping, cultural dynamics, local traditions and breathtaking skyscrapers. Dubai has attracted about 16 million tourists in the year due to its shiny attic, human-made islands, large shopping malls and grand hotels, and the number of visitors is increasing day by day. You can easily ensure your Dubai trip with Spicejet flight tickets.

Well! Before you go for Spicejet, Indigo airlines flight booking or any other similar ones, let us tell you some essential tips to consider while traveling to Dubai.

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Most Important Tips To Remember Before Visiting Dubai

Visit Between October & April

It is always important to consider the weather before traveling to any place. And for Dubai, the best time to visit is between October & April. As is common knowledge, Dubai weather can get quite hot and humid, so it is better to avoid visiting Dubai during the summers.

Book Your Flight 6-Months Before The Travel

Spicejet flight tickets or other flight tickets are being offered at a low cost about six months before the travel date. If you’re not traveling on an urgent basis, it is better to keep an eye on the flight tickets months before your travel and compare the price.

Book Hotels In Advance

Since Dubai is a prime tourist location and people come here in large numbers, sometimes the availability of hotels becomes a challenge, so it is better to book your hotel rooms well in advance. It will help you avoid a last-minute rush and allow you to enjoy a perfect vacay to Dubai.

No Public Eating During Ramadan

In case you’re visiting Dubai during Ramadan, let us inform you that public eating is not allowed in the month of Ramadan. Eating in public is considered disrespectful towards people who fast during this time. So if you’re planning to attack Dubai’s finger-licking food, then it is better to avoid traveling during Ramadan and postpone the trip for some other month.

Seek Permission Before Taking Pictures

Never take a picture of strangers in Dubai before asking for their permission. It is considered as offensive, so better to take permission before clicking pictures.

Be Careful About What You’re Wearing

Before you head to pack your bags for Dubai, let us inform you that it is a conservative country. Do not keep flashy or revealing clothes with you; instead of keeping the traditional dresses that keep you mostly covered. You might not like it! But it is what it is there. In case this makes you a little confused, maybe you can learn more about this place likely through a comprehensive Dubai Travel Guide to have better clarity.

Public Drinking & Druckness Is A Big No

Although alcohol is legal in Dubai, public drinking and drunkenness are not allowed. You cannot buy alcohol art on your own; you’ll require a license from an establishment in Dubai. You can easily accept it from bars and pubs, but you cannot leave drunk from there. So better to either avoid it or be very careful.


You might not know this, but a public display of affection is punishable in Dubai. One might get arrested if caught doing PDA. You can’t even hold the hand of your significant other, so be careful while walking with your partner to avoid any unnecessary mess in a foreign country.

Just follow the tips mentioned above, and enjoy a perfect trip to Dubai.