Five Tips for Entertaining Yourself on a Road Trip

Travelling via plane may get you there quickly but the road trip is something of a rite of passage, especially for new drivers. Unfortunately for passengers, travelling long distances in a car can get boring very quickly.

Happily, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained during those long drives. Here are a few that will help you while away the hours during a road trip.

Souvenir Contests

One of the joys of road trips is the many weird and wonderful places you will see along the way. Most of these “tourist traps” will have a bunch of cheesy souvenirs for you to choose from, so why not make a game of it? Get everybody in the car involved and see who can nab the weirdest souvenir during the trip. Whoever gets the strangest thing gets to keep the lot. Alternatively, if the gifts are really bad, the winner could choose who has to keep all of them.

Your Smartphone

The humble smartphone has helped to make boredom on road trips a thing of the past. You can spend hours playing around with your mobile apps. A good game can make time go by quickly and people who enjoy a flutter can use mobile betting apps, such as, to keep track of what’s happening and place a few bets during the ride. You could also use your phone to catch up on any podcasts you may have missed or to listen to an audiobook during the trip.

Play Ends With, Begins With

A classic road trip game, “Ends With, Begins With” challenges players to come up with words based on the last letter of the previous player’s word. You pick a category, such as animals, and go from there. For example, the first player may choose “Lizard”. The next would have to think of an animal with a name beginning with the letter “D”, such as “Deer”. You keep going from there, Set a time limit for answers and eliminate any players who can’t come up with something until you have one champion left in the car.

Pick the Right Route

While you will get to your destination quicker if you take the motorways and highways, you’ll also find that the scenery rarely changes, which will get boring after a long time in the car. Avoid this by taking the scenic route. Plan your journey in advance and take a route that runs you past some interesting places. It may add some time to the journey, but getting there is half of the fun during a road trip. Plus, you’re sure to see a few things that are worthy of an Instagram pic or two.

A Singalong

You can argue as much as you want about not enjoying singing, but we bet there are very few people reading this who haven’t engaged in a little car karaoke. Make a playlist of crowd favourites and get everybody bellowing along at the top of their lungs. You could even make a game out of it by choosing people at random to sing. It’s, even more, fun when they don’t know the song.