Things to Do When You Are in Durban

Durban is one of the best-kept secrets of South Africa. Though it is a popular city, a lot of people head straight to Cape Town, forgetting that there is more of a cultural experience waiting for them in this beautiful city. Today, we will dive into the things that you can do while you are here. But before you plan your itinerary, make sure that you book cheap flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

The Zulu culture

If you want to experience the best of Zulu culture, you have to head to the Valley of a 1000 Hills. Zulu is the largest ethnic group of South Africa, and you can get a taste of their lifestyle at the PheZulu Safari Park and Shakaland. You will see magnificent beehive huts, watch tribal dances, and sip on their amazing traditional beer. If you schedule your trip around the right times, you may even get to participate in their festivals. If you are looking for a more rustic, real and authentic Zulu experience, head over straight to the Isithumba National Park located 40 miles from the city.

Visit Shaka Marine World

This place is actually a 40-acre theme park that lets you explore the best of South African marine life. You have a shark cage diving region, a water park, an interactive animal show area, a reptile exhibit, and even a snorkeling lagoon. This is one place where aquatic life lovers will want to visit again and again. The sheer beauty of the region is a sight to behold.

Florida Road

When you are tired of moving around town and exploring new things, just visit Florida Road and enjoy shopping, dining and entertaining yourself. , is the best spot in Durban for those interested in the city’s exciting nightlife. It is chock full of boutique shops, eateries, cafes and more. If you come here in late September, you could also attend the Essence Festival, which is an amazing sister event to the New Orleans Essence Festival. Great for people who like to participate in the rich and diverse culture of the region.

Inanda Heritage Route

When you are in a place like Durban, there is no way you can spend a holiday without experiencing the culture of the region. To get the best of their history, move along the Inanda Heritage Route. Here you will find the house of Mahatma Gandhi. You can also visit the legendary Ohlange Institute, where Nelson Mandela cast his vote in favor of democracy. The Inanda Dam is located close by which provides you a unique end to an otherwise humbling day.

If you want to explore more, you have plenty of options. For the mountaineers, there is the Greater KwaZulu-Natal mountains and wetlands region where you could enjoy the unfiltered wildlife experience of South Africa. You can also visit the Hluhluwe Game Reserve or take a beach or bush safari in nearby St. Lucia. Make sure that you have the popular Bunny Chow while you are enjoying your time in Durban.