There’s Nothing Better Than a Hot Towel in Winter

It’s brrr cold out there, and things can get a little tricky in the bathroom as you reluctantly get out from your hot shower or bath. Even if your water heater or heat pump (which might have been installed by technicians at Better Choice Heating & Air Conditioning) works around the clock, you might still feel as if the cold stings you once you step outside. Honestly, it is not just you. The story is the same for everyone during this season (be it kids or adults). That is why people nowadays want nothing more than a hot towel and a soft cotton bathrobe.

There are few simple pleasures in life that match the feeling of drying yourself with a nice hot towel on a cold day, the problem is you don’t have a heated towel rack and you haven’t found a satisfactory way of keeping your bath towel warm.

In order to combat the cold, you might have tried various options like heating up the furnace or even contacting companies that specialize in large home oil deliveries. However, for personal pleasure, you could still prefer your hot towel itself. You may have tried heating it in a preheated oven with the gas turned off, but you’ll either end up letting all the heat out or running out to the kitchen just to get your towel, either way, your purpose will be defeated. That’s why we have a couple of better suggestions for heating your towel so it’s still nice and warm when you reach for it.

Fit a heated towel rail

The first option you should explore is fitting a heated towel rail. If your bathroom currently has no towel rail, it’s no wonder you’re cold when you step out of the bath or shower. Use these Brisbane plumbers or a similar company in your local area to have new pipes fitted, plumbing your bathroom into the central heating. Not only will having a towel rail fitted give you somewhere to heat your towel in the bathroom itself, but it will also help to warm up the room and keep the chill off. All you’ll need to do is reach for the towel and wrap it around yourself, and the best thing is you’ll never have a cold, damp towel again.

Heat your towel in the microwave

This idea has a couple of surprising elements to it that might sound counterintuitive, but remember – everything in moderation.

  • The first step already might seem a little strange: wet your towel. Of course you don’t want to spend hours drying yourself with a wet towel, but splash a couple of drops evenly over the surface of your towel. You want it a little wet, not soaking.
  • Next, and this step is optional – but oh so nice – sprinkle a few drops of essential oil to release some relaxing aromas. Lavender is especially relaxing and fragrant. Then place your towel in a large bowl and put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.
  • Remove the bowl / towel with caution and grab an end that isn’t too hot. Put your towel in a bag and it will retain its heat during your bath.

Use steam to heat your towel

Again, we encourage you to use essential oils, or even a vapour rub for maximum post-bath relaxation. Boil water – in the kettle is safest – and pour into a large glass Pyrex dish you’ve already placed in the bathroom (also for safe handling). Cover the dish with your towel in order to let it absorb as much hot steam as possible. Carefully (and slowly) remove the towel off the dish and voila! you have yourself one hot scented bath towel!