The Ultimate UK Road-Trip

When you take a look at those popular yet very subjective lists of the top places to visit in the world, or something which is backed up by some quantifiable technicalities like the most visited cities in the world, reading in between the lines suggests that we tend to prefer hyped up places that appear to be as far away from our home bases as possible. Who can blame you for wanting to experience totally different places as a traveller though?

Be that as it may – in our rush to want to rack up as many air miles as possible, we often overlook some real treasures as far as destinations go, locally. This time around we zone-in on the UK, which offers some great road-tripping routes which have up until now been the preserve of those who take the time to consider exploring their own backyards, so to say.

But what would the ultimate UK road-trip look like? After all, even two friends whose array of things they have in common includes their shared love for travelling will probably make for different kinds of travellers who prefer different elements of travel. So they might want to stay in different types of accommodations, experience different holiday destination activities, fly in different cabin classes, etc, albeit they’re likely to fall into a natural cycle of mutual compromise to make the trip happen.

In that same spirit of mutual compromise for the sake of getting to the meat of the matter, which is of course making the trip happen, we draw a bit of inspiration from an infographic which was put together by car leasing service provider, LeaseCar UK, which explores some of the destinations along which the ultimate in UK road-trips can be enjoyed.

True to what the essence of sharing a travel experience is all about, since the destinations featured are the personal accounts and suggestions of fellow travellers, this might make the eager traveller experience those stops in a unique fashion that might have otherwise not been accessible to them. For instance, from the point of view of someone who is admittedly not a big fan of all which comes with city driving, a drive from Barnstaple, Devon towards Newquay would probably have someone whose daily reality is city driving develop a whole new appreciation for leisurely driving. There are lots of beautiful stops along the 150 mile stretch, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be done in one go…

Otherwise there are plenty of other road-trip terraces to follow if one is indeed looking for what could easily make up the ultimate UK road-trip. We’re talking here the likes of the Causeway Coastal Route, the Cat and Fidddle Route, perhaps, or maybe the route which runs from Crianlarich to Oban.

Each of these has an array of uniquely special attractions to take away with you and add to your selection of travel memories and experiences, but what makes up the ultimate UK road-trip, either way, is how you approach it as an individual or as a group of people you’re seeking to make travel memories with.