The Summer Vacationer’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Vaping Gear

I suppose it depends on exactly where you’re going for your summer vacation this time around, with all the uncertainty and measures imposed around the fallout of the corona virus. Some countries have banned tobacco products altogether, but only really insofar as the sales of cigarettes as they exist in the traditional sense. Either way, from one point of view it makes perfect sense, since COVID is indeed a respiratory ailment, but from a different and perhaps more practical point of view, it’s a bit of an extreme measure.

Anyway, any vaping gear you have would naturally draw some attention, calling for a little more vigilance on your part. Your vaping-gear-care routine will definitely need to be in for some alteration.

Carry only as many supplies as you’ll need

Because of the seemingly sporadically enforced ban or restrictions around smoking gear in general, you don’t want your vacation to be ruined by unnecessarily prolonged questioning sessions by the authorities. Don’t carry any more than what you know you’ll need. You don’t want any authoritative figure to have any reason to suspect that you’re some kind of black-market dealer. Keep things around the personal-use parameters, by way of quantities.

Fortunately it’s not that difficult at all to make sure you have just enough for the trip, with short-fill calculators at your disposal.

Look after your gear

It’s probably just common sense to look after all your stuff when travelling, but in these somewhat crazy times a little bit of extra vigilance is indeed required. As mentioned, in some places all smoking gear is under some extra scrutiny, which can include vaping gear. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where yours goes missing and you might have to wait until you get access to your regular supplier for replacements and re-fills, if of course they haven’t since been prohibited from selling altogether.

Just take extra care of your gear…

Stock-up from your regular supplier

The laws of economics are coming in for some stringent testing in these somewhat crazy conditions, with some suppliers inflating their vape kit prices along with all tobacco products and supplies. It’s much like how alcohol costs so much more in markets where its supply is restricted.

To safeguard against any possibility of being hit with exorbitant pricing, stock up on your supplies such as vape mods from your regular supplier, unless of course you suddenly find a cheaper supplier. As you’ll know though, it’s not simply a case of the cheapest making for the best deal. As an example, you might be using a dry herb vaporizer, which would need a herb grinder. Now if you manage to find out the Best Grinders for vapes at a cheaper price than what your regular supplier is asking for, you would probably go for the cheaper deal, or bargain with your supplier to match the price.

Either way, frequent buyers tend to establish a special relationship of some sort with their regular suppliers, so you might want to stock up on supplies and replacements before heading to your summer vacation destination. You don’t want to risk there being no options as per the possibility of different restrictions enforced when your craving hits you hard. You can explore affordable vape refills to stock up for the vacation; for instance, buy Elux Legend disposable vape or products with a wide range of flavors and quick homedelivery services.

Lastly, make sure to observe all health and safety protocols. As the emergent vaping community, we don’t want to give the officials any grounds to try and enforce what can be very restrictive measures around the control of vaping.