Hello, one and all and welcome to Trendipia, which is the place to be if you want to find out about the latest trends in traveling, fitness and healthy living, as well as read about my adventures through motherhood and the world at large.

My name is Julia Porter, though my family likes to call me the “Queen of Multitasking” because I always seem to have a lot on my plate at any one time but I always find a way to get things done.

Before I get into the whys and wherefores of Trendipia, I’d like to talk a little bit about myself and the amazing family that have made all of this possible for me.

My Education

Long before I met my husband, I studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of Massachusetts. It was this period of my life that ignited within me a passion for finding out as much about others as I could and traveling to wherever I needed to go in order to find interesting information.

After leaving college I started traveling a lot and ended up making my way through Europe and taking a few trips to various countries in South America on my quest to find out more. I kept a diary that proved to be a useful resource at the time, as it offered me the materials I needed to create a few articles for print publications that kept my adventures going.

It is that same diary, plus the ones that I have written since, that also serve as the inspiration for much of the information you find on this site. I prefer to write from experience, as I believe that is the best way to share information. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Meeting My Husband

After my travels, I decided to return to education and earned my Graduate Publishing Certificate from Emerson College. It was here that I met Jim, who has become the love of my life. We had a little bit of a rocky road to negotiate before we got together, as we were both in relationships when we met and neither one of us wanted to hurt our partners. However, the spark between us was undeniable and once those relationships inevitably ended we wasted very little time before getting together for our first date.

We enjoyed a whirlwind romance that saw us travel to places I’d never been before. Together we experienced all sorts of new cultures, foods, and experiences that have gone on to inform my writing.

Settling Down

Eventually, we decided to get married and settle down. Together we have two children, Mark and Kyla, who have become our absolute world. We live in Boston, Massachusetts together, however, now the kids are a little older we have the opportunity to take them on adventures along with us and we have shared out passion for traveling with them whenever we have the opportunity.

Finding time for my passions for traveling, art and writing while also raising a family has proven to be quite the challenge, which brings me nicely round to this blog.


Trendipia started as a way for me to explore my passion for writing further by talking about subjects that a lot of more traditional publications didn’t talk about. I soon learned more about the power of the Internet when it comes to sharing information with others and the site developed a strong audience of people who wanted to hear more about my adventures and share their own with me.

Thanks to the site’s visitors, Trendipia has become my job as well as my hobby. The income I earn from this site allows me to provide for my family and go on the adventures that the site’s visitors want to hear about.

However, I’m not stopping there. I want to make your experience with Trendipia as enjoyable as possible, which is why I have returned to Emerson College to study for my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

With those tools under my belt, I hope to share even more about the places we go, recipes we find and the challenges we face together as a family with all of you. With a little luck, I also continue making an income both from this blog and my freelance journalism as well.

Let’s Travel Together – Julia Porter