Tech Savvy Travel – Smarter Ways to Travel

It would be wrong to jump to the conclusion that the human aspect of travel planning has been made obsolete by technology, with endless resources at our web browser’s reach and online bookings. Technology is a double-edged sword, which means that if it’s utilized in the right way, it can aid and help make travel more human than ever. There are various tools and gadgets that can provide a genuine and truly personalized travel experience. Millennials prioritize experience over owning things, which leads us to realizing the importance of making those personal experiences the best possible.Modern travelling is changing. Here’s how you can make your travels “smarter” with great gadgets and deals.

Smart Luggage Locks

These luggage locks are smart, utilizing Bluetooth technology to enable you to lock your suitcase without a code or a key. The Masterlock requires you to download and install the eLocks app in order to manage access permissions and users for your device. Then you can use the lock for opening and locking your luggage bags. There’s no fuss for safeguarding luggage during travel, as there’s no memorizing a combination code, no digit-wheel dialing, and no key.


What do you do when you go to a remote part of the country where there’s no phone signal? Or you’re in a foreign country, hiking or on a festival, and don’t want to use your mobile data? GoTenna is a phone plug-in device which works via Bluetooth technology, making your phone a walkie-talkie. You can talk and send messages that are transmitted by radio waves.

Pixel Phone + Google International Data

When it comes to data roaming, the phone eliminates borders. What do we mean by this? Well, Google Pixel (on any of the data plans) can be purchased from Google, and the phone works in more than 135 countries. There are no extra SIM cards involved, and there are no roaming charges. Unfortunately, it is still available only to US citizens. This year, we watch the data coverage reviews from country to country, to see how the device behaves and whether it’s users would see any practical benefits.


You thought that you’d never be able to afford that trip to Jamaica, Columbia, or Nepal. Yes, travelling can be expensive, especially during peak season when the price of plane tickets and accommodation seem to go only up. With TravelPay, you’re able to layby holidays and get early bird deals, choose your payment plan, close the deal in advance, locking the exchange rates and price. In this way, you prevent unexpected costs and travel fraud from happening. Even thinking about these things can make your travels a bit dreary. Book your flights, make a travel plan a few months in advance, and wait for the day when you’ll jump on that plane.

Power banks, car chargers, and solar chargers

A smartphone is something we don’t leave our homes without. Thus, you’ll have to keep it powered in case you won’t be able to reach a port for recharging. One of the best power banks out there right now is the Zendure A2 – an extremely portable 6700mAH power bank, which can charge a smartphone up to 3 times (which depends on your phone’s battery capacity. This is the biggest perk of power banks – they eventually run dry. Thankfully, there are different solar power bankson the market you can buy. They use solar power to recharge themselves. This can be an extremely handy solution if you’re going somewhere abroad where the climate is hot, and you’ve forgotten to take your charger or a travel adaptor.

Jet Lag Calculator

If you’re someone who needs a mini-holiday to get over a holiday, then the free Jet Lag Calculator is the right thing to use. It’s not really an app or a gadget, but it’s very useful, as it will create a Jet Lag Plan to help you normalize as fast as possible. Just remember to fill it 3 days before your departure.

These gadgets, travel deals, and apps enable us to personalize our travel preparations and experience. Using smart data not a luxury anymore, as people (especially Millennials) are willing to share info about their preferences, interests, and hobbies if it would result in a more tailored travel experience and better travel suggestions.