Stop & See The Sights: Popular U.S. Road Trip Routes

Pack up the car, and hit the open road.  There’s nothing like the smell of the lands changing as you drive through the crisp air of the night on an exploratory adventure.  You can almost hear the soft splat of the bugs at dusk, but where will you go?

The United States is one of the largest, and most diverse, landscapes in the world.  Why not start there? East, west, north, and south all offer a much different experience, and there are plenty of roads to travel.  

Plot out your travel route, change the oil, and get the car ready to hit the road.  Begin your journey now, and check out a few of the most popular road trip routes in the United States.  

The Pacific Coast Highway

From the northwest to the southwest of the United States runs the Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 101.  Many a road tripper has taken the journey, but driving the full length of the highway takes extensive planning.  

If you’re looking for an epic journey that you will never forget, the PCH has got everything you will need.  Witness firsthand the changes in climate and landscape as you travel from one region to the next.

Columbia River Scenic Highway

The Columbia River Scenic Highway was constructed over a century ago, and it was built solely for the reason of enjoying the sights along the way.  The highway’s twists and turns through the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest are unlike any other route in the nation.  

The history behind this scenic route is extensive.  It was the first paved highway in the nation, and is internationally renowned for the frequency of waterfall sightings along the route.

The Loneliest Road

The Loneliest Road is aptly named, as it passes through one of the most remote, barren, and uninhabited pieces of land in the whole country.  It sounds like a dreadful place to visit, but the beauty of the sole sounds of the Earth and the open road create an experience like no other.  

The beauty of solitary shines bright along the Loneliest Road.  The highway runs along the old Pony Express route through the drought ridden lands of Nevada.  Make sure you stop at the Great Basin National Park, and check out the hiking trails.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway connects two of the most beautiful national parks in the nation.  The Shenandoah in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina will be the starting and ending point for this adventure. 

Visit Asheville in the North Carolina mountains, and check out the many sightseeing spots along the way.  You won’t be short on pictures by the end of the trip, especially if you travel in the fall.