Spend A Short And Sweet Vacation In Los Cabos, Mexico

Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos’ uniqueness lies in the starkness of its landscape. This is a place where the desert meets the ocean, and people really do not expect this juxtaposition. This unique landscape of Los Cabos has made it into a popular tourist destination in Mexico, which demands a visit while you are on your vacation in Mexico. The place enjoys almost 350 days of sunshine throughout the year, the ocean is clean and clear, there’s a lot of sea life, and with the amazing and luxurious accommodation options and happening nightlife, Los Cabos vacations are sure to be fun filled and exciting. There are a lot of things to do while you are in Los Cabos. Here are a few things which you can try out to enjoy a nice little vacation in Los Cabos.

Try Fkyboarding

The Flyboard is basically a board connected to a jet ski which allows you to ‘fly’ in the air. When you see it in person, you will probably think you won‘t be able to pull it off. Just don’t lose your heart and try it out. You will see that you will be able to take off wearing those big water-pumps within minutes. We can assure you, it will be the most amazing experience you’ll get to have in Los Cabos.

Visit Wild Canyon Adventure Park

If you want some adventure in your trip, then just close your eyes and head over to this amazing adventure park. The park is built on some of the most amazing areas of the canyon. You will get to go on a half a mile long zip-line ride over the canyon. Watch the incredible vistas while you zip over the stark landscape. You can also go on an ATV ride over a suspension bridge hanging over the canyon while enjoying the breathtaking beauty.

Visit a Spa

If you had enough of the adventures already, or just want to relax during your trip, then head over to one of the spas at the many spa resorts you can find here. The Armonia Spa is particularly popular among tourists, which offers a variety of different spa treatments, herbal wraps and massages. Just book a massage, relax and unwind while enjoying a vacation in Los Cabos.

Eat Some Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine all by itself can be a reason to travel to Mexico and you mustn’t miss a chance of trying some Mexican food while you are in Los Cabos. The two cities of Cabos have some of the best Mexican restaurants, and Tacos Gardenias is one of them. Tacos Gardenias specializes in the cooking style native to Baja, and they started off with two of their main delicacies which are tacos filled with shrimp and battered fish. This family owned restaurant has grown a lot since then, and you must head here you really want to try some the best Baja style Mexican food.

Visit Todos Santos

Todos Santos is probably one of the most beautiful towns in all of Baja California Peninsula. Go on a leisurely walk down the road to enjoy some of the artworks. Also, visit the historic church located in the town. The ‘Hotel California’ located in this town is a popular tourists spot, as many connect the hotel to the famous Eagle’s song of the same name. Although no such connection actually exists, still it is worth a visit during your tour.