Seven Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is more than a hobby; it is a way of life and a passion for many, as evidenced by the riders who are members of various rider societies. They are families and brotherhoods that invest in and maintain their machines, who ride whenever they have the opportunity.

Cool Features to Incorporate on Your Bike

Whenever you ride, enjoying the experience is extremely important, and every trip can be an adventure with the wide range of changes you can make!

However, you’ve probably heard about how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be. This fact has been ascertained by a South Carolina law firm with a lot of experience dealing with personal injury lawsuits involving motorcycle accidents. As a result, you’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure that your motorcycle is as durable and secure as possible.

The following are some of the functional features that can be implemented on your motorcycle to improve how safe it is to ride.

1. Custom Grips and Handles

Two important aspects of riding a motorcycle are balancing and steering. This is the reason why many riders tend to ignore the role of a steering guard. Properly made handle grips allow riders to steer firmly and to properly control the bike. They also improve the rider’s comfort.

It’s worth looking into new handlebar grips if your grip starts to slip, either as a result of wear and tear or because a one-size-fits-all principle will not live up to its promise. If you’re looking for a new ride, you could consider looking for motorcycle trikes for sale, and then customizing it as per your tastes and requirements.

2. Customized Paint Jobs

Do you prefer a matte or glossy paint job? If you prefer matte, a vinyl wrap is worth considering,although wraps require an experienced craftsman to install. They are comparatively cheap and have a great visual appeal.

Body paint jobs are useful for riders who love a glossy look. These, too, require a professional touch, although if you’re into self customization, you could follow this motorcycle painting guide.

Whatever method you choose to improve the overall appearance of your motorcycle, keep in mind that decals can take it to the next level.

3. Smart Helmet

Motorcycle helmets are already a mandatory protective accessory, and with the latest innovations in helmet design, they have proven even better.  Some helmets come with companion apps that use the bluetooth feature to connect to your phone. They then relay information directly to your helmet’s visor.  And since this information appears on your helmet’s visor, you can take calls, listen to navigation instructions, and communicate with fellow riders without taking your hands off the handlebars.

4. Racing Tires

There are many different motorcycle tire designs to choose from, but most riders prefer wider tires due to their appearance and riding comfort, especially racing tires. Racing tires offer a larger contact area with the surface, giving your motorcycle a better grip. 

Additionally, these will also allow you to better negotiate corners.  Despite being expensive, these tires come with shallow treads, and consequently, they wear out fast.

5. Aftermarket Exhaust

A good advantage of having aftermarket exhausts is that they will improve the overall performance of your motorcycle . Custom exhausts will also change the sound of your bike and give it a unique appearance.  PChrome pipes will give your bike a more lustrous look. 

6. Wheel Lights

With the addition of wheel lights, your motorcycle can appear futuristic and even more attractive. Extra lights will also improve visibility in foggy or dark situations,  hence increasing road safety; a smarter method of combining style and appeal.

7. Footpegs

Good foot pegs will allow you to stretch your legs while riding. This will add an extra level of comfort and style to your cruise. Foot pegs that are forward-placed are very beneficial when it comes to long distance rides.

Add Personality to Your Motorcycle

For some people, customization is limited to aesthetics, take it a step further and go for usability. In the long run, a little will go a long way and your amusement will speak for itself.