Scratch Map With All The Glitz & Glam

The world is full of globetrotters quite happy and content to bunk in cheap youth hostels and travel in 2nd class train tickets. But then there are those who travel only business class and will not leave the comfort of their homes unless they get are assured that they will be get a room in a luxury hotel room. For such travel bugs used to their creature comforts and luxury, it seems almost like a sin to ask them to get a normal scratch map. After all, like all of their things, their travel map should also be out of this world, oozing opulence and style. Like always, Luckies of London have the perfect scratch map for such glampers.

Scratch Map Platinum For A Royal Travel Map: Scratch maps are found in varied colour scheme ranging from black to pink. Luckies of London knew that not all globetrotters are made alike, some like their scratch off map of the world to be a reflection of themselves and that’s why they came up with Scratch Map Platinum. It is the ultimate scratch map for those who prefer to travel in luxury and comes in the normal A1 size dimensions (59.4 x 82.5 cm). Take a brief look at this scratch maps awesome features (Hint: It has shimmer in it!).

  • Premium Map: Scratch Map Platinum is a truly mesmerizing map of the world made up of metallic shimmering ink underlay with surprise, platinum coloured foil covering the countries on top. This scratch map makes a stunning visual impact.
  • Discover Vibrant Colours: Once you get over the beauty of this scratch, get scratching to record your travels around the world and unveil dazzling display of bright colours underneath the platinum foil.
  • Personalized It With Its Very Own Scratch Coin:This scratch map has a luxurious shimmer finish and like all things first class, it demands its own level of care. To keep your scratch map memories alive for longer, this comes with its own high quality silver coloured scratch coin. No more any need to look through jeans pockets in search of change!
  • More Customization? Have Fun With Icon Stickers:To completely make this scratch map your own bespoke travel map, it comes with a set of icon stickers like heart, arrows, planes etc. Plot your journey or mark your favourite spots from around the world with these icon stickers, creating a uniquely you map of the world in the process.
  • Time Zones Information:A scratch map by Luckies and no extra fun? Not possible. This scratch map comes with information about various time zones and includes day light savings information.
  • Other Basics:We have told you all the special features of this scratch map, the following are some of the basic characteristics:
    • State line boundaries are clearly marked for USA, Australia and Canada.
    • It includes names of capital cities from around the world.
    • For the smaller countries, a numbered guide is provided in the legend section. 

Summary: Scratch Map Platinum is the ideal travel map for those looking for a luxurious and premium scratch map with extra options for personalization.

Author Bio: Carla Mathews is an avid traveller who is studying to be a geologist.