Renew Your Spirit: Travel Destinations For Those Seeking Enlightenment

Traveling can be more than just a chance to explore a new destination. Many people travel to find spiritual stimulation and enlightenment along the way, and there are definitely plenty of spots around the world worth investing some time.

Travel can be healing, and your mind could always use a break from the redundancy of everyday life. If you’re seeking out your next free mind moment, check out a quick look at a few travel destinations which will enhance your spiritual connection with yourself and nature.

The holiest place to renew your spirit – Vatican City

Travelling to Vatican City has the potential to bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. From the moment you visit this city, the atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity is palpable, making it easier to clear the mind and prepare for spiritual learning.

You can also learn about the Bible and its teachings by attending church, which will lead to a deeper faith practice that yields enlightenment and inner peace. Even after leaving this city, it is possible that you will have a desire for Continuing Education for Clergy to gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Bible.

The happiest place on Earth

When you’re seeking a deeper sense of happiness, Disney is not where you will find it. The true happiest place on Earth is deep in the Himalayan Mountains in the kingdom of Bhutan. If you’re in need of healing, heal your mind.

Many traumatic brain injury patients in recovery find enlightenment and peace exploring natural wonders and working to realign with the world around them. Traumatic brain injuries will always change your life in a big way, and you may need a revamp of the soul after all the hard work in recovery.

In Bhutan, you can visit ancient monasteries, and exist alongside some extremely focused monks. Feel the immensity of standing outside of a sacred place sitting flush on the edge of a cliff that is more than 9,000 feet in the sky.

Experience nature in the Galapagos Islands

The variation of life in the Galapagos Islands are often associated with Charles’ Darwin’s fascination with the study of evolution. The islands themselves are even evolving as they are slowly formed over hundreds of years of volcanic eruptions.

Get familiar with the blue-footed booby, century old tortoises, giant orca whales, penguins, and even iguanas as you explore the diversity of the islands. Having never has a reason to fear humans, the animals are rather friendly to visitors.

Ride a camel in Jordan

Sleep under an extreme display of a natural canopy of stars in the land of Jordan. Let yourself feel small against the backdrop of the great Pyramid of Giza and other ancient structures of the Egyptians.

Take your tours by camel across the desert to explore a stone city which thrived long ago. Find a new bliss in the desert’s oasis of olive trees, blue water lagoons, and breathtaking waterfalls, sitting with the Dead Sea as your neighbor.

Explore the Rocky Mountains by train

See the Rockies in a way you never imagined you might; by train. Enjoy the comfort of gourmet food and comfortable lodging, all while the majestic movement of the sweeping scenes of the Rocky Mountains float past your window.