Reasons to Get London Accommodation

London is an amazing place to visit. Whether you’re traveling from Scotland or Wales, or all the way from the US, London is a completely new experience that is sure to leave you in awe.

However, a lot of visitors shy away from getting accommodations in the city because they believe the prices are too high.

Well, there is some truth to that. You can definitely stay outside the city for less. However, there are disadvantages to that, and if you use the London accommodation we recommend, it actually isn’t very expensive.

Here are a few reasons you should stay in the city during your visit and a way to keep your accommodation prices lower.

1: Avoid Commutes

With London being a big city, there is quite a bit of traffic, and you certainly don’t want to end up driving all the way into the city each day just to have to contend with the local drivers.

If you get accommodations in the city, you can avoid all of that. Plenty of places to visit will be within walking distance of your accommodations, and the city’s public transport infrastructure is stellar to avoid making you rent a car.

You can save a ton of time and money this way; not to mention, if you’re from the states, you won’t have to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road.

2: Enjoy the Night Life

If you decide to stay outside of the city, you’ll be making a trip every evening back to your chosen accommodations in an attempt to get home before it’s late. That completely cuts you off from London’s nightlife.

It is far more ideal to stay in the city where you’re a ten-to-fifteen-minute walk from accommodations, or even if you have to take a taxi for a short ride. That way, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, and trust us, there is a lot to see at night.

3: A Luxurious Experience

Finally, there’s a reason accommodation in the surrounding areas is cheaper; they’re nowhere near as luxurious.

London is known for its high class and luxurious atmosphere, and the accommodations reflect that. You’re staying in London; go all out and enjoy it to the fullest.

A Solution to High Accommodation Rates

The average hotel is pretty expensive if you have multiple people and need to stay for more than one night.

Instead, we recommend a serviced apartment.

A serviced apartment is a complete apartment that is fully furnished to ensure you enjoy a home-like atmosphere with all the functionality of your own home. However, you don’t have to take out a lease. Serviced apartments run on the same payment model as hotels do, and this allows you to have an extreme amount of freedom while booking your stay.

For a reasonable nightly fee, you’ll receive a home-like experience in a luxury apartment; complete with a kitchen to cook some of your meals in and save money, full bathrooms and bedrooms, a complete den, and of course, central access to the city itself.