Private Jets – Is this How Celebrities and Businesses People are Travelling?

The answer to the question of how the celebrities travel is that many of them use private jets. The super-rich, of course, own private planes. This includes celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Oprah Winfrey, to name just three. However, it is expensive to own a private jet, so the option open to most of us is to consider chartering one. Then, we can experience that same luxury for a fraction of the cost. Many businesses are using private jets as a viable option to fly their employees between international conferences and meetings.

So, what would a celebrity expect from travel? Would it be any different to what someone on business expected? A celebrity, in most cases, would prefer privacy. A celebrity, in every case, would insist upon luxury. After all, what is the point of having become famous to not be able to enjoy the comforts that such a position provides. Equally, employees expect to be treated well by their employers, who have a duty of care towards them. In any business, time is money – private jets save time. This then leads us on to explore three things that we could expect from opting to charter a private jet. There are many companies such as Jettly Private Jets that offer this kind of service, whatever your occupation. Whether it be that you are a musician, an international exporter, or a scientist explaining your latest theory to an international audience of equally qualified professionals.


Private jets offer greater privacy at check-in and once on the aircraft. Check-in is carried out at a separate area of the airport away from the crowds. Once on the aircraft, you can then only be among people that you know. You can have conversations that are sustained and good use of time. Besides, you don’t have to be donned head to toe with make-up fearing the appearance of paparazzi, which is ready to click you anywhere. As we are all aware, celebrities don’t generally prefer to come out in public without makeup. Though there are some celebrities who love flaunting their original skin, for most others jet travel provides greater privacy. In case this makes you interested to see the no-makeup face of your favorite celebrity, you can just make a web search with a keyword similar to “belle delphine no makeup“.

Apparently, traveling by private jet comes with many other benefits as well. You can work on preparing in advance for the concert, scientific presentation, or business meeting that you are to attend. Private jets give you more privacy in which to sleep in comparison to commercial airlines. The longer-range jets will provide space to convert seating into a bed.


Luxury is about having an abundance of leg room and having the space to take advantage of the fully adjustable seats. It is about being offered a choice of menus and being waited on in more of a personal way. You will have more of the attention instead of it being divided between lots of passengers. The staff to passenger ratio will be much higher.

For more information on the types of aircraft suitable for business, there is an article that you can read.


Efficiency will be improved in relation to the time it takes to check in from a smaller queue and the time that the aircraft takes to arrive at your destination. The aircraft will travel direct to your destination and fly higher up in the sky to avoid adverse weather conditions, as private jets are designed for these greater heights. Hold ups with lost luggage will be avoided due to boarding the aircraft at a private terminal.

The above represent just some of the reasons why business personnel are choosing the celebrity lifestyle. Private jet chartering is becoming a more and more cost-effective option and appealing way due to its added luxuries. You still need a passport, and a visa if staying in a country for any length of time, those same rules apply, but the checkout process is considerably more efficient due to the fact that you are among less people trying to board the one plane. Or less appealingly, standing in the airport amongst a whole load of people waiting to board several planes.