Practical Advice for Easier Business Travel

Not all air travel is for pleasure; sometimes, we have to navigate the gauntlet of high-level security and the ever-increasing cost and complexity of business travel just to get to a meeting. Whether you are visiting clients to close a critical sale or simply meeting colleagues for training or development sessions, business travel requires you to be fresh and productive at your destination, not an easy task if the trip is troublesome. With that in mind, here are a few practical steps you can take to simplify and depressurize your business journeys.

Things to plan before you depart

Plan your packing before your departure day, especially with regard to your carry-on luggage. Not only do restrictive measures make hand luggage decisions a challenge, but they also cost you more in the long term. Those maximum-sized roller bags can end up getting checked at the gate if the overhead lockers are already deemed full, which is likely if you’re running late.

One way around carry-on issues and costs is to go for two smaller pieces instead of one big one. If one is suitable for under-seat storage and the other can be squeezed sensibly in-between other locker stored baggage, then airline staff will find it far easier to accommodate you.

Make sure you have all the chargers (and don’t forget to recharge everything before you leave), cables, and travel adapters that you might need for your trip and compartmentalize everything as you pack so that the security process is a breeze. Having to unpack everything is a hassle nobody needs, but if you are organized, you can get to your gate in double-quick time.

Make sure everything that can be booked in advance is taken care of. Make sure your phone roaming setup, data access, cloud-based file sharing, and any work critical networking and communication services are all reliable. If you intend parking at the airport for an extended period make sure you don’t waste time phoning around for the best deal, use a super quick and efficient online parking portal that specializes in airport parking for business flyers, like, for example.

When you are on your journey

Make sure you’ve planned ahead with your boarding routine A good tip is to have already organized everything you’ll need for your flight entertainment (kindle, books, boiled sweets, etc.) in a separate grab-bag. All you have to do is remove this bag and stow your carry-on when you reach your seat, saving boarding time and reducing the ire of fellow passengers waiting for you to sort your life out.

Additional tips

You want to be prepared for the appointment when you’re out for work-related travel, so there are a few things you need to make a mental note of. First, you should find quick routes to the venue so that you’re bang on time and not a minute late. Keep track of the roadworks that are happening around the city you’re in for hassle-free commuting. Next, you want to keep all the work material ready for discussion and presentation. As a representative of your company, you ought to be resource-ready and up to speed with what is to be discussed. And finally, it is important to catch up on some rest to have a good presence of mind when you’re in the meeting.

It is important to reach your work appointment fresh-faced and fit for purpose; this means eating healthily, sleeping as best you can at the right times, staying hydrated, and avoiding alcohol. Your body will thank you at the other end and your productivity levels won’t be compromised if you engage a little self-care.

A little forward planning, smart use of online resources, and healthy routines when you’re in the air will ensure you have a great business trip.