Portland travel tips

A composition of beautiful nature with snow-clad mountain ranges, emerald green verdure, freshwaters of lakes and rivers with brilliant hues of blue and green, amusing architectural monuments, and adventure parks makes the largest city of Oregon – Portland. The city is equipped with fine vacation spots flanking fun elements, succulent dining, art and cultural places, exquisite places for camping, hiking, and relaxation. Portland is one of the best places to live as it owns a peaceful and great quality of life. It is also one of the best places to have an exciting vacation, therefore, entertains millions of tourists every year. In contrast with the humidity in the winters of the Pacific, Northwest Portland adorns fun-filled happenings encouraging high spirits and happiness. The city has easy accessibility, many affordable places, and things to do, also tourists have a lot of choices to select from the best Portland hotels to stay.

Find below a list of places that you can visit based on interests:

Best places for Kids:


If you want to gaze at some of the remarkable scientific revelations then you must visit Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Now that the museum has restarted gear up for some spectacular views that the museum has like the latest exhibits of Dinosaurs Revealed, the Natural Science Hall, Empirical Theater, USS Blueback Submarine, and the Kendall Planetarium. Such informative and awe-inspiring attractions are a real learning experience for kids. The face-to-face experience with life-size dinosaurs in an immersive world is wonderful as you can see their movements, hear their roar, and dive into the world of the Mesozoic Era.  It is a place where literally science is celebrated with virtual events, virtual classes, and day camps for children, a planetarium, and amazing displays to spark curiosity.

Teacher Fountain

 It is a relaxing place with great places to have food nearby. Get to know the brilliant display of arching jets and sizzling burbles making their way into a shallow pool. The fountain is dedicated to people who offer their services to teach and educate kids and inspire others. The eight modest jets and eight burbles delicately sway the water. There is a bench with a barrier beneath it that stops the water spillage and allows the water to recirculate. The water is sanitized while completing the cycles.

Glowing Greens PDX

A place that makes you shout ‘Woww’ is the Glowing Greens, Portland brings one of the best adventure places for children and adults as well. With three fantastic games under one roof. You can play Blacklight miniature golf, Mental trap – the real escape room, Wicked axe throwing. The premier 13 holes 3D animated golf amuses the players and the audience. The mental trap is one of the exciting games, in this game you feel a real-life lock-up the journey in a multi-room adventure- you need to escape and rescue yourself. It is a game that makes the players think logically and strike the balance with intelligence to solve the puzzles.  You will need to escape the room you get one hour to experience a fun-filled adventure and it is all about how fast you can escape, going Greens is one of the best places for indoor games. The third one is wicked Axe throwing it is a crazy indoor game that  is similar to darts but you throw axis; it is one of the best games for team activities or just to forget worries.

Best Places to Relax

Lan Su Chinese Garden

The famous Botanical garden with tranquillity also it is a home to different kinds of animal species. The garden with nativity in China symbolizes Chinese construction. Find The authenticity of the ming dynasty in the garden it is built by Suzhou artisans. The beautiful garden has walkways, open colonnades, pavilions, landscapes of plants, bridges, manmade lakes, and more. All in all, it is one of the best places to relax have tea at the Tao of tea get fine souvenirs and spend quiet time in the serene place.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Standing by the Willamette River is the Tom McCall waterfront park spanning 36 acres of land. It features public art, historical monuments, and fountains. The pathways are lined with trees; it is flanked with decorated walkways for relaxation. It is one of the best serene places. Some of the best places to stay near the waterfront Park are Hotel Rose – A staypineapple hotel, the Paramount Hotel, mark Spencer hotel, and many others which are just a five-minute walk away from the park. You can also visit other popular places around the waterfront Park like the Oregon zoo, Moda center, Oregon convention center, the zoo has endangered species and it is one of the oldest Zoos in the United States, Moda Centre is one of the big venues that hosts many entertainment events, musical performances, sports etc. The Oregon convention center is a place that you can visit to find all the things that are happening in Portland it hosts Sporting events, has the best places to eat in top-notch restaurants.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

One of the prettiest places to visit is Crystal Springs, it is a beautiful place where you can have memorable time of your life like you can host events – weddings, the spring-fed lake which surrounds the garden is incredible, the unbelievable appearances of the wildlife creatures etc. This beautiful garden has abundant species of flowers, the blooming bushes, and floral aroma that mesmerizes the tourists. The garden is spread across 4 hectares of land which has 2500 or more rhododendrons

Best place for History

Pittock Mansion

The Pittock Mansion which was originally a home for a London-born publisher and his wife is built in a French-style chateau. It is one of the landmarks since 1965. Open to the public; the Mansion has rotating exhibits of historical items, famous artworks, artefacts, and photographs that make the visit informative. The architecture of the Mansion is starting with the red-tiled roof that can be seen from far-off places. The Mansion has 23 rooms which are filled with art and antique pieces you can learn about fascinating stories of the success of early Portland. As it is decked with Christmas trees it stands as a spectacle in itself.