Best Places To Visit During Your Trip To California

In every journey or trip that we take, it is best that look at the sceneries that the vacation provides. As we go to various places, it is important that immerse ourselves in the beauty and the culture of the destination.

California is one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially on sunny days. Even if it is the home to most celebrities and Disneyland, it still boasts a number of scenic places and even the best wineries that the world has to offer.

Before filling your list with a lot of places that you wish to go, it is best to research and look for the places through the web before booking a ticket or an accommodation there. Right?

Then, you filter or categorize the places according to your interest as it is an important factor to visit the places that interest you; or that are close to your heart. Sometimes, these places play a significant role in your lives that motivates you to achieve your goals.

Now, we move to the list of the best places to visit in California.

Best Places to Visit During Your Trip To California

#1 San Francisco

San Francisco is a versatile and adventurous city found in the northern area of California. As a peninsula, it is located along the San Francisco Bay Area.

When it comes to scenic spots, the Golden Gate Bridge will always be the number one attraction in the city. This bridge has become recognizable even for those outside the state or the country itself. What’s great about San Francisco is that tourists and residents alike can ride their bikes, walk along the pathways, and even drive their own cars on this majestic suspension bridge and be in awe of the beauty of the whole place.

Other than that, it houses the famous Lombard Street. It is known for the tight hairpin curves, which is also popularly known around the world to be the “crookedest street in the world“. Other than that, San Francisco is home to Chinatown which has contributed a lot to its history and culture. Aside from these sights, you may also consider visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, Alamo Square, and the infamous prison that was widely known to be inescapable, Alcatraz Island.

#2 Yosemite National Park

Connecting with nature is very nice and a bit challenging since it’s quite hard to get away from all the technology that we have. But, taking a trip to Yosemite will allow us to reconnect with nature and to our humanity.

This national park is located in the central-eastern area of California among the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the home of the Giant Sequoia groves, jaw-dropping granite cliffs, waterfalls that never dries up and even various animals and plants.

Tourists and nature lovers can hike the trails or even drive around and see the scenic routes present in this place. See, experience, and breathe the gorgeous landscapes and have a glance at the wonderful wildlife that is present.

Other lovely sights to see:

  • Glacier Point boasts the view of the grandiose Yosemite Valley
  • Yosemite Museum
  • LeConte Memorial Lodge
  • Ahwahnee Hotel

#3 Los Angeles City

Here comes the second-largest city in USA! Los Angeles is located in the southern part of California and is surrounded by the Pacific Coast that comes along with the mountains and valleys. It has been known to most as the City of Angels, and it boasts numerous attractions and tons of beaches! Two of the most popular beaches are Malibu, which is a playground for most celebrities, and Venice Beach.

Tourists usually flock to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood as it is the happiest place in the world and the home to the movie sets, props, and even costumes, respectively.

If you’re in L.A to go celebrity hunting, you are in the right place! Their homes lurk in almost every corner of the city along with the designer stores that even Kim Kardashian would visit! Plus, there are a lot of restaurants that lurk in the area which serve the best food for tourists and even to celebrities!

#4 Napa Valley

Do you fancy wines?

That is the question that most people would ask if you mention Napa Valley. It is the home for wine lovers and even connoisseurs — wine tours Napa are one of the highly sought-after activities in California!

If you are wondering about the accommodation, Napa Valley showcases a diverse set of accommodations that include ravishing bed and breakfasts, sophisticated boutique hotels, and even very popular chain hotels that would leave you confused about which one to choose.

On the other hand, if you are an outdoor type who loves to connect with nature, there are camping grounds that would allow you to put up a tent and save a lot on lodging. Moreover, it houses a lot of world-class spa treatments that soothe the visitors’ sore and stressed-out selves and enjoy themselves.

Lastly, there are numerous enjoyable activities that tourists can enjoy from riding hot air balloons to bike tours featuring wine!

Isn’t that enticing enough?

Final thoughts

Traveling is such a pleasant adventure in our lives. It allows us to meet random strangers who can touch our lives and let us see another perspective in life. California boasts a lot of scenic spots, and these are just a few of the best places to visit. Don’t forget to check up about a USA esta visa when entering from another country.

We hope you’ll enjoy your next travel, and we hope it’s California!

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