Pack and Play Playards Buying Guide: Types, Sizes, Extras

When shopping for pack and play playards you should consider the size, type, and material of the unit as well as some important extra features. Do a thorough research in order to be sure that you are buying the perfect playpen for your kid.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pack and Play Playards:

  • Size and weight.
    Most playpens are rectangular in shape and about 30’’ wide. To be comfy, a baby needs at least 23’’ of space to move around. The weight matters if you plan to move the playpen around a lot.
  • Most common are panel play centers (large and composed of several panels), travel (lightweight and easily portable), standard (about 20×40’’).
  • Pack and play playards usually come with wheels attached, but larger, stationary models might not allow for them. Check the reliability of the wheels’ construction before buying.
  • Ease of storage.
    Good modern playpens should be foldable and easy to set up. Consider a model with a travel bag and/or special attachments for better storage.
  • Extra features.
    These include clip-ons for music players, night lights, pockets for toys, mobiles, etc. You can read pack and play reviews here to see what kinds of clever playpens are available today.

Does Your Family Need Pack and Play Playards?

Every parent will benefit greatly from having at least one portable playpen. You can use it to keep your baby safe and busy while you are busy yourself. It can also serve as a travel crib or as a secure outdoors playing area.

If you have a pool or go somewhere with one or any place with a drop risk (deck, stairs, etc.), a lightweight portable pack and play is a necessary safety measure for a baby, as you can’t watch over them every second.

These playards are also great for beach trips and generally allow you to take the baby everywhere with you, because a playpen ensures they are comfortable and safe in any setting.