Manila: The Best Place To Visit in 2021!

Manila, the Philippines’ capital city, located on the bayside, brings you a perfect amalgamation of Spanish colonial culture, architecture, and modern skyscrapers. If you want to experience the contemporary culture with a hint of history, there could be no better place than Manila. This walled city will make you fall in love with this beautiful Philipina culture. In case you’re planning a foreign trip in 2021, visit Manila to make your trip memorable. Just book your tickets and fly to Philippine airlines with Almosafer.

For people travelling from Saudi Arabia, let us tell you that there are great offers for flights from Dammam to Manila to help you keep your trip budget-friendly. While you prepare for your trip to Manila, we are here to tell you about some famous tourist spots that you cannot afford to miss while visiting Manila.

●       Quiapo Church

Do you also have a special place for heritage and history in your heart like most travelers? If yes, Quiapo Church would be the best place to start your trip to Manila. This is one of the oldest catholic churches in the city, formally known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. Your journey to Manila would be incomplete without visiting this holy place.

      Bambike Ecotours

Manila is a city where people prefer walking instead of travelling through their vehicles. But if you’re a tourist and want to explore the city, you should opt for Bambike Ecotours. This is a unique eco-friendly way to explore this royal city.

      Money Museum

Here comes the world’s best or probably the only money museum! It is located inside the Philippine banking authority. The museum features the chronological growth of the currency. You’ll also get to see coins, artefacts, and various other currencies.

●       Manila Ocean Park

Manila’s ocean park is the most famous in the world. Known for the unique adventures in the city, this ocean park is a favourite destination for tourists.

Something More About Manila

Asia is a continent full of variety in terms of culture, food, language and so on. There’s no doubt that Asia is one of the most visited regions, however, the Philippines is often overlooked. Let us tell you that not overlooking the Philippines will only make you regret later as it is an archipelago of 7,107 islands, which can make your trip more adventurous than anywhere else it’s capital, Manila, increases add stars to the country’s beauty! One of the best parts about visiting Manila is the affordability. Yes, the city is quite cheap to travel thus tourists from all over the world love to come here.

The Best Time to Visit Manila

It is better to not visit Manila during the monsoon as it can ruin most of your outdoor adventure. Rather you should go to Manila between late October and early June. During these months, you’ll get amazing weather in Manila and will be able to make the best out of your trip.

Wrapping Up

So stop thinking and pack your bags to make a memorable trip to Manila. You can easily fly Philippine airlines with Almosafer to reach Manila from your country.