London Museums by Night, May 2017

If there’s one great thing about staying in London, it’s the chance to see some of the evening events. As well as the usual fare of west end shows, fine dining and concerts, May also plays host to the Museums at Night festival, an opportunity to explore the world-famous museums from a new angle.

Running from May 17th to May 20th, there’s plenty to choose from, and you could easily spend the whole four days flitting between your London holiday apartment and the museums.

For fans of Gothic horror, we recommend The Original Gothic Experience. A sweeping storytelling experience, you will meet at Strawberry Hill House and be lead through Horace Walpole’s dream in its darkened corridors. Suitable for 16+, it’s £15 a person and starts at 8pm on the 18th of May. For something equally Gothic, but more suited for all ages, head to All Saints Church on the 19th May at 6pm for an evening of storytelling in the shadows – this time, free of charge.

If you’re more of a mystery fan, why not head to the Grant Museum of Zoology for a murder mystery? This event is 18+ and free of charge (though it does need booking in advance). Working in teams of up to five people, you’ll be responsible for discovering who in the museum has killed a promising scientist, taken missing objects and work out exactly what’s been going on. Plus, there’s bonus prizes for the best dressed detectives, so get your noir style on.

Not all the events are spooky, despite taking place at night – stop off at the Charles Dickens museum for Dickens After Dark, an evening of music, candlelight and a hidden walled garden. Why not spent the evening in a beautiful Georgian world, dining and drinking delightful treats, before heading home to your central London apartment for a good night’s sleep?

If you’d rather take things at your own pace, many of the museums have less focused events, and are more an open doors affair. For instance, the Horniman Museum and Gardens are open on 18th May from 6.30pm to 9.30pm for a mere £5, offering the opportunity to explore them in a new light whilst enjoying the museum, dance, tours and performances on offer. Then there’s the National Gallery offering it’s Renaissance Late. Also free of charge, there’s a host of interactive workshops, live music and of course -the secret bar.

These are just a taste of some of the events happening during the event – for further details, why not check the Museums at Night website? It’s the perfect time to book a stay in one of London’s ever popular apartments or hotels, all whilst getting the chance to see its main attractions from a new perspective.