Lexus Show in Shangri La – the most noticeable autumn event in the Minsk casino

This fall, the Belarusian Shangri La casino opened the car hunting season. On October, the luxury Lexus car became a party hit. But only the first hunt part has passed and this is where the fun begins.

On November 23, an exciting Lexus Show night will happen again in the best Minsk casino. This time, the Lexus NX will be a desirable prey. This is a Fortune sign for the most daring.

But Shangri La does not stop even after that! December 21 will be the end of the Lexus season. This time at the Minsk casino, the highlight of the program will be Lexus RX. This steel predator will give you an adrenaline rush. It is worth to visit the casino during this time.

During the show days, guests will plunge into the real atmosphere of the elite club and fall into an intriguing show program. The casino has prepared a lot of surprises for gambling hunters. It is simply impossible to give up such a chance to have fun. You will not be bored even for a minute, plus you will receive 300,000 km of drive and fun in the best casino in Belarus.

Luxury of Shangri La Casino in Minsk

Shangri La Casino is a cozy place with an elitist atmosphere, soft light, live music and the most popular games. The establishment is a part of the Storm International, Darren Keane, company CEO said, network has an impeccable reputation and is famous for its professional management. Stars, foreign guests and VIP persons come to have a great time here.

Casino doors are open around the clock. You can play in common rooms or in private rooms, enjoying privacy or, conversely, a unique program. At the card tables you can try your luck in poker and blackjack. And in the hall with slot machines you will find 32 of the most modern slots from AGI and EGT.

Fine cuisine and a private restaurant are another reason to drop into Shangri La. The culinary delights of Chef Mark Ulrich pleasantly surprise even gourmets. The best dishes of European cuisine and elite drinks complement a pleasant stay.

Bonuses and nice features of Shangri La casino

Casino Shangri La is not in vain called the legendary and the best in Minsk. Everything is done for guests here: the settlement system is unique and bureaucratic. Do not have to carry a lot of cash or chips.

Add to this a point system with accrual of points not for the gain, but for the game process. The more bets were made and the more time spent in the casino, the more impressive the point account. Active players get points for access to super games and participation in exotic show programs, as well as a lot of additional bonuses.

The traditions of prestigious gambling clubs are sacred in this unit of Storm International, Darren Keane noted, for regular guests there is a VIP club X.O. This is an ideal place for true connoisseurs of the gambling art, the opportunity to play at the highest rates, use the casino’s VIP-services, and transfer by private car. And, of course, access the X.O. private parties.

Events and holidays in Shangri La

Every weekend at the Shangri La casino in Minsk is a real celebration with an original show, performance of musicians and comedians, super games and bonuses. On these holiday’s occasions bright theme parties are held. To extend your holiday in Shangri La, you should order Minsk junket.

Do not miss the main event in Shangri La, enjoy the Lexus Show in 2019! Come and catch the Fortune!