Try These Iconic Foods While Staying in a Christchurch Hotel

There are many iconic foods that you need to consider eating when you visit Christchurch, New Zealand. These foods represent the heritage of the country while making terrific meals. Eating them will enhance your experience adding to the exciting things you will see, do and experience in the city.

Sausage Sizzles

Stumpy sausages placed on fresh white bread slathered with a tomato-based sauce and grilled onions are called sausage sizzles. The sausage for this delicious food is almost always cooked over a gas hot plate. Some people make them with the sausage ends neatly tucked inside the bread while others make them with the ends hanging off. The best sausage sizzles are usually sold by small groups as a fundraiser, so look for them near Christchurch events that you attend.

Fish and Chips

While you may have eaten fish and chips at other locations around the world, the availability of fresh fish makes them a special treat in Christchurch. They are usually made with hoki or tarakihi fish. The crispy battered fillets are usually paired with crinkle chips and served rolled in newspaper. Sometimes, however, they are paired with squid rings instead.


The edible bivalve clam called tuatua is native to New Zealand. Unlike shellfish served in other localities, they have a creamier texture and a milder flavor. Since New Zealand has over 8,700 miles of coastline, freshly caught and prepared tuatuas are available in many different places in Christchurch. 


A traditional hangi requires digging a hole in the ground. Then, special heating rocks that are often passed down from one generation to the next are placed in the hole. Next, during a traditional hangi, fish or chicken and root vegetables are added to the hole. Finally, chefs cover the food with a wet cloth. Today, other foods such as lamb or pork along with pumpkin, cabbage and potatoes are often cooked using this method. The long cooking time makes the meat extremely tender.

Mince and Cheese Pies

Step into any Christchurch bakery, and you will smell the delightful aroma of mince and cheese pies. The recipe for the pastry for mince and cheese pies is a carefully guarded secret passed down from one generation to the next. After preparing the pastry, then the meat mixture is added before a layer of cheese is added. The pastry is then wrapped around the mixture before they are popped into the oven for baking. Be careful, mince and cheese pies are very hot, and they are highly addictive.

Whitebait Fritters

One of the most hotly debated topics when speaking to guests staying in hotels in Christchurch is rather they like whitebait fritters. Many love eating these tiny fish that are surprised by their fishy taste while others love it. Look for these small crispy fish served at many restaurants in this city.

There are so many various reasons to come to Christchurch. While you are enjoying activities around the city, make sure to look for these iconic foods. Eating them will greatly enhance your Christchurch holiday.