How to turn your home into a boutique serviced apartment when you are on holiday

In times of economic trouble where we can never be at 100% job security, many are attempting to break out of the rat race by finding alternative forms of income. 

Turning your home into a temporary serviced apartment could give you access to a new market and a new way to make a bit of extra cash when you are away on holiday. 

Work out if you want all or part of your home to be a boutique serviced apartment 

One of the first steps towards deciding what you want your boutique serviced apartment to be is to decide how much space you want to let out. Many online sites offer you the chance to rent out rooms of sections of your home. This is great as it lets you stay in your serviced apartment whilst also earning money from paying guests. 

Equally, if you are looking to target more of the luxury market, renting out your whole home may be the better option. To do this you will need to organise what times in the year you want to let your accommodation out. 

Organise when you want to list your boutique serviced apartment

Many new serviced apartment operators are faced with the task of working out when they want to let out there apartment. Many see it as an attractive way to get a bit of extra income when they are on holiday, however, it will probably not be financially worth it if you are only letting it out for a handful of days a year. 

This is where having a boutique serviced apartment is great if you are planning on taking some long trips over the year. 

Make sure your home is as clean and well organised as it can be 

Now, this may seem like stating the obvious, but you would be amazed by the amount of boutique serviced apartments and hotels that do not even meet basic standards of cleanliness. So, to stand apart from the rest, find different things that haven’t been cleaned in a while and list them down. Call in professionals if necessary. They could use VLM Carpet Cleaning (Very Low Moisture) techniques to clean carpets, rugs, and maybe runners too; different deep cleaning methods would be good for sofas, cushions, curtains, and more. If you can give your guests a spotless stay at your boutique serviced accommodation, positive reviews will come flooding in and this idea could be a rather lucrative one.

Start to promote your boutique serviced apartment  

Once you have finished everything you need to prepare to get your boutique serviced apartment on the market it is time to start the advertising phase.  

Listing your boutique serviced apartment on booking sites will give you access to a wide market with thousands of potential customs. 

Visit great examples of serviced apartments to inspire you to create yours When you are planning for the revamp of your home into a boutique serviced apartment, make sure you find some quality examples of good accommodation that you can base yours on.