How to keep yourself healthy while travelling?

It can be really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are travelling to a place away from home. Moreover, during this pandemic, it has become even more important to be careful of your lifestyle habits. While health is important, you would not want to compromise on your pleasure and fun of the vacation. So, here are 10 easy and practical tips for how to stay healthy while travelling in 2020:

  • Stretch your body

Even if you have a packed schedule, make sure to take out 5-10 minutes for exercise in the morning to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Alternatively, you can make your day active by walking and sneaking in to stretch your back, neck, arms, fingers, and legs as you wait for the food at a restaurant.

  • Don’t skip the breakfast

Travel days are very long so make sure to give your body a headstart with a healthy breakfast. If you are going out for lunch and don’t want to go out for breakfast, you can prepare your own meal with some fruits and vegetables or cereals from the nearby grocery store.

  • Schedule meals

Eating big portions of food can make you feel heavy and dizzy and when you are travelling, you can not afford to be lazy. You can try to split a big meal into smaller portions. So, rather than eating 2-3 full meals a day, you can schedule 4-5 small meals.

  • Cut the meat

Try to choose healthier alternatives to meat and dairy products when you are dining out. You can choose vegetarian dishes or salads. Eat lots of fruits as they are not just nutritious and hydrating and delicious, but come very handy.

  • Drink more water

Keeping your body hydrated helps to fight infections. Drinking plenty of water is even more important if you are already sick as your body tends to lose more water when feverish or while coughing. Always carry a water bottle even if it is hard to find restrooms around the new place.

  • Carry blue light glasses

A lot of travellers like to read while on their way to the destination. If you are one of them, you  can try to switch Kindle with paperbacks to avoid blue light damage and if not, don’t forget to pack a nice pair of blue light glasses with you. You can get an anti-blue light coating added on your men’s glasses or women’s glasses from your optician.

  • Use a sanitizer or soap

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially when you touch surfaces outdoors and when it is inconvenient, use a sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol in it. If you are travelling to a place where soap is scarce, make sure to carry a mini soap bar of yourself. Maintaining hygiene these days is more important than ever. 

  • Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are an absolute essential when you have to travel outdoors. The high intensity UV rays from the sun can be very harsh on various parts of your eye, especially when travelling to places near the equator. Make sure to carry a good pair of sunglasses that can provide enough protection against ultraviolet rays. Also, trendy glasses can help you take some instagrammy pictures.

  • Shield your skin

Just as your eyes need shielding against the UV rays, the vulnerable skin also needs a protective layer that can block the high intensity ultraviolet rays from penetrating into the layers. I always keep a bottle of sunscreen in my travel bag in case I forget to pack one.

  • Get enough sleep

Travel is quite harsh for your body as walking throughout the day, carrying the luggage to different locations and adjusting to new climates can be very exhausting. Make sure you give enough rest to your body by having good sleep.

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