How to Hang Christmas Lights Safely

We always want our homes to stand out in the neighbourhood when Christmas is around the corner. The best way to make your home look stunning this Christmas is installing outdoor holiday lights.

If you love festivity, making your home look like paradise is all you want to do. Decorating your roof peak with lights is one way of making your home look decent and ready for the Christmas party.

String lights on the roof are the most popular types of decorations for festivals, but not everyone knows how to install them on the roof.

How do you hang string lights on your roof in hard to reach areas so that they boost the feasibility of your home? If you look forward to hanging string lights on your roof, here are some valuable tips to help you out.

Do you have a plan?

Before you think of hanging those string lights on your roof, you should have a plan in place. For instance, you should know which kind of lights you can hang on the roof and how long your roof measures. Once you have the roof measurements, you can easily determine how many light strings you will need.

Learn about ladder safety tips if you are not used to climbing ladders. You will need a ladder to measure your roof and probably during the installation. Your safety should come first before doing anything. Choose an extension ladder if you have a high roof.

Also, you should note that having many string lights from a single source is more hazardous to your home safety. Choose the outlets you will use for each string of lights to avoid overloading. You can consult an electrician if you are not sure how many light strings you should use on a single outlet.

Get your tools ready

The next step to hanging your Christmas lights on the roof peak is to have all the tools you need ready. Once you’ve bought all the required number of string bulbs, you can light them for at least one hour to ensure there are no faulty or burnt-out bulbs.

It won’t be easy to replace the lights once you have them installed on the roof. You will need the following supplies when getting ready to hang light strings on your roof:

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Extension cords
  • Roof light clips
  • Tape for securing the cords

Choose plastic clips

Plastic clips are the best you can have if you plan to install string lights on your roof. They are designed to attach easily to the roof gutters. However, you may have to get your gutter and eavestrough repaired to ensure there are no leaks in pipes, which can damage your lights. You can contact a local handyman or visit this website to hire a professional for eavestrough repair work. Additionally, while hanging the light strings, you don’t have to make holes in the shingles to have the plastic clips fixed.

Most people would go for plastic clips because they are durable and easily blend with the roof. If you plan to fix the clips on your roof, you should only do that on the roof fascia board. Avoid the roof surface as much as you can to minimise damage.

Some types of clips you can use include:

  • Eave clips
  • Clay tile clips
  • All-in-one clips for gutter and shingles
  • Clips for peak lights

Hang the string lights

Once you have all the string lights and the tools you need, you can now hang your string lights. Follow these steps to have it done safely.

Step #1: Find an assistant to help you when hanging string lights on the roof peak. You need someone to watch your back when hanging string lights on the roof. Attach some clips on the cord or bulb before getting on the ladder. Since it is much easier working with small light strings, you should avoid connecting the next string before you run out of line.

Step #2: Locate the power outlet to attach the extension cords. When mounting the strings and the extension cords, you should always start from the region closest to the socket.

This way, you can easily tell which cords will reach the outlet. String lights can get very hot sometimes. Therefore, you should not light them on until you are done mounting them on the roof.

Step#3: Position the ladder carefully to avoid sliding. You can attach the clips to the roof gutter with one hand to maintain the three points of contact with your ladder. You can have your assistant fix the clip if it comes loose.

Step#4: If you are installing icicle lights, you should keep the clips closer to make them taut and straight. This ensures the light strings match the roofline.

Step#5: If you want to avoid falling off and ensure you work with both hands, only add more clips or light strings when you are off the roof. Get down to the ground and add more light strings.

Step#6: Attach the clips carefully to the shingle or drip edge. Avoid puncturing any part of the roof with nails or staples. Roof leaks can cost you a lot to repair.

Step#7: If you want to get the string lights higher, rent special equipment, get a tall extension ladder, or a light-hanging pole to have the job done.

Also, you should not stand or walk on the roof to avoid puncturing the shingles. Always stay off the roof and put the singles on the roof from your ladder.

If you must walk on the roof, then follow these tips to minimize damage on the roof:

  • Wear soft shoes like sneakers
  • Walk gently on the roof to reduce impact
  • Put your foot on two peaks if you are walking on a tile roof
  • Avoid walking on shingles during a hot day
If you think it is a risky affair and there are chances of shingles getting damaged, it is better to be in touch with a Roofing company in Sarasota, FL (or the one available in your vicinity), as a precautionary measure. In case you ended up puncturing some shingles, you can always contact them to get those replaced while you enjoy your Christmas.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can install string lights on your roof for the festive season. Follow the tips and steps shared in this article to hang string lights on your roof.

If you are afraid of heights or you have no idea how many strings of light you need, the best you can do is get a professional or a decorating company to help you hang the Christmas lights safely.