Hot Spots Of The Deep South: Top Travel Stops For U.S. Road Trippers

Traveling the United States isn’t something you do in just one road trip. The country is so widespread, and changes from region to region, that it’s best to take it one piece at a time.

Travel the west coast along the Pacific Coast Highway, experience the amber waves of grain in the Midwest, or taste the riches of the deep south in the heart of the bayou. There’s something to be said of all the regions of the U.S., but the southeast area of the map offers an experience all its own.

Check out a brief look into a few hot spots of the deep south, and begin plotting your path for your next U.S. road trip.

Atlanta, Georgia

Big city life in the deep south can be summed up by the pulse of the ATL. Atlanta is home to a hub of show business command centers, and a nightlife that is littered with fun things to get into.

The city is not the only highlight of the area. Atlanta may be where all the big time excitement goes down, but the real beauty is found in the outlying towns.

Surrounding Atlanta are several smaller spots where you can experience the softer side of the south. Relax in the quaint city of Cumming, Georgia, and you may fight the urge to move there permanently. The southern charm and personable patrons will make you never want to leave.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, stands as a vibrant destination within the Deep South, offering a unique blend of culture, history, and entertainment for road-trippers exploring the region. Known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin captivates visitors with its thriving music scene, showcased in its numerous live music venues scattered throughout the city. Therefore, to make the most of their trip, visitors can check the Austin City Limits schedule and get tickets for a legendary music program that showcases live performances by renowned artists, ensuring an incredible experience for music enthusiasts.

Austin also offers a plethora of other attractions, including the picturesque Lady Bird Lake, where visitors can enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding, and the magnificent State Capitol building, a testament to Texas history.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is most famous for its food, culture, and spirit of celebration. The Mardi Gras Festival draws millions of people to New Orleans every year, but the massive crowds and extravagant parades are not the only things the city has to offer travelers.

While in the city, you have to visit the famous French Quarter. Stop and grab a fresh Beignet at Cafe Beignet, and sit coffee with friends at the famous Cafe du Monde. Take a tour of the old cemeteries, or cruise the river on an authentic, steam powered riverboat.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has plenty to offer as it lives up to its label of Music City U.S.A. There’s no better place to feel the pulse of the south than Nashville, Tennessee. There’s always a chance to catch a great live act (no matter your preference of genre), and the food is truly representative of the region.

Get an ice cold beer, see a country music show, and check out the Country Music Hall of Fame along the way. There’s plenty to do in Nashville, so plan to spend at least a couple days experiencing the vibes.