Gothic Travel Destinations For The Brooding Mind

If you’re over the same old trip to the beach on summer vacation, then it’s time to put an interesting spin on your plans.  Change it up a bit this year, and explore some of the more abstract destinations on the map.

Skip the waiting in long lines for a one minute ride, and build an experience you’ll never forget.  Check out a few of the most interesting and influential locations in gothic culture, and learn something new this summer.  

New York has an interesting history

Ithaca, New York is home to some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous original works.  Cornell University has them on display, and what a way to pay homage to a gothic idol.  

Binghamton is a short drive, where you can discover the history of Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.  The Bundy Museum of History and Art has a wide array of props and personal memorabilia on display for the public as well.

Visit Ontario for the gothic architecture

Ontario is rich in gothic architectural revivals, and Casa Loma is one of the most beautiful Gothic style castles in the world.  It’s so gorgeous that it has been the setting for many movie and television shoots in past years. You can even stay in the castle, if you have enough dough.  

Take the whole family for a one of a kind adventure, and drive through the breathtaking landscapes of Canada on your way to the castle.  Prepping the family in safety on the road, and what to do in the event of an accident, is worth the trouble for the beautiful sights you’ll see.  

Do something different in Florida

Most tourists in Florida are there for the beach, but the coastline isn’t the only cool thing in the state.  Visit St. Petersburg, where the Salvador Dali Museum has some of his most famous works on display.

Surrealist beauty litters the walls and walkways with the art of one of the most influential ancestors of gothic culture, and there’s a beach there too.  

Get gorey in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Head north to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and get a taste of Edward Gorey’s legacy.  The Edward Gorey house is dedicated to the macabre artist’s life’s work.

Afterward, check out the Windy Gates Cliffs for a dreadfully exhilarating conference with Mother Nature.  Then catch a meal at a haunted diner in the local 186 Restaurant.

Stowe your baggage in Vermont

Stowe, Vermont offers a wide array of gothic adventures for your creative summer excursion.  Make sure to visit Emily’s Bridge, where it is said that a woman, hurt by her lover, hung herself from the rafters.  Her ghost is rumored to still make its presence known from time to time.