Fun ways to prepare your children for a holiday

It’s so easy for kids to fall in love with the magic of the holidays. Late nights, extra sweets, fun presents, a break from school. There are a lot of pluses. However, with the excess and freedom of the holiday season, kids can often get a bit carried away. For a lot of families, there will be a point where a child becomes cranky and overtired, or would rather play a video game than talk to any relatives.

To combat problems like this, holiday camps come in. Christmas or Easter camps near you in London, or elsewhere tend to offer an excellent opportunity for kids to learn something new while having fun in the new environment. They tend to offer plenty of activities, from sports and games to arts and crafts, to field trips. This means it’s a great way to keep kids occupied and prevent them from getting cranky.

Another great way is to take them on a vacation. If you have a vacation planned already, the following guide will help you set your kids up for the same:

Practice the language

Are you headed to a country that doesn’t speak your native tongue? Why not create some activities that enable your tots to learn words and phrases from the country you are visiting? You could do chores that involve you speaking the word for different appliances or actions, you could use flashcards to create fun games for your child to engage in, these come in many languages: Spanish, German, French – you name it!

German Flashcards are a fantastic way to introduce your children to new words. They break up the new sounds into manageable pieces and make the definitions easier to remember.

Buy a scrapbook

Buy your child a scrap book and encourage them to collect things and do drawings to imagine what their holiday will be like. When they return to school they may be asked to give a show and tell about what they got up to over the summer holidays – things like this will be sure to give them lasting memories and keep them excited!!

Be honest with them

If your child has never gone on holiday before, they may perhaps be a bit nervous. It won’t be like home, they won’t have all the comforts like their toys and their DVD’s. It’s OK to tell them that they might not be comfortable at first, but as they get used to their new place that it will get better – and then start to be REALLY fun!! There is no need to shy away from the fact it will be different. Honestly is the best policy. When you are out there with your child enjoying multiple activities and having fun all the uneasiness will disappear!

Read books and watch videos

There are many great books about different countries and the cultures and fun activities within. Watching videos and looking up images on where you are going to visit is a sure fire way to get your kid excited and prepare them for the place they are about to see!

Talk about all the great things you will do

Of course it’s important to make sure that your kids are excited about the holiday. It’s a great idea to talk about all the fun activities that they will be able to enjoy. Does your resort have a pool? A kids play area? Knowing what is there will really get them looking forward to all aspects of your holiday.

Getting your children prepped for their first holiday will take a little time and a little effort, but having kids who are enthusiastic and excited to go will help your whole family feel great – you’ll be counting down the days until you arrive!