Fun Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

In case you haven’t been back in Egypt for a few years now, it’s worth checking out what’s happening in your old neighbourhood. Because despite the chaos and a few protests over economic conditions, life is still fun in North Africa. Sure, there aren’t any of those casino bonus CA platforms to enjoy, because of the local laws, but everybody knows how you can get around such laws without getting into any trouble.

Some of the activities below are only for fun at the moment, for example…

Watch your favourite Egyptian film in a theatre

If you happen to be a big fan of Egyptian cinema you should definitely try to catch up with old favourite classics like The Elephant Man or Smoke. Both are playing in their traditional Egyptian venues. Or perhaps a more up-to-date choice like Georgette.

If you’re living in Cairo, make sure to give your cinema tickets a last-minute check ahead of the day or you’ll miss out on the best seats.

And if you’re still on the lookout for something interesting to watch after seeing a classic flick…

Try a local cuisine…

The best way to experience a real culture is to do it by getting some authentic Egyptian food. No matter where you are in Egypt, there are different ways to enjoy your daily life.

If you don’t want to commit to a takeaway or spend the whole evening in the kitchen cooking up your own food, you can always go for an African or Mediterranean restaurant. It’s possible to find good Middle Eastern cuisine in Cairo too, for example. So keep your eyes open and you’ll probably find something interesting to eat after your cinema fun.

Try an Arabic meal

You can either try a big belly-warming Syrian mezze, or perhaps a spicy Syrian dip like hummus. Either way you’ll get to eat a good Middle Eastern meal, Arabic style. Make sure you check out our tips for travelling to Egypt to see what you can do and where you can go.

Be creative with your meals, try to cook them in your new recipe book

There are so many exotic recipes to try out in Egypt, you don’t even have to be a cook to do it. Just look at our guide to Cairo and try your hand at making a few dishes. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook, we have helpful tips for cooking it all up from scratch.

It’s also fun to make up your own recipes. It’s much more fun to cook like the locals than ordering pizza every night.

Sit on a rooftop or at a cafe

You don’t have to go back to Cairo to find an inspiring view of the city. There are plenty of rooftop cafes where you can sit with friends in the sun or make sure you eat a good meal in the evening. Or perhaps if you’re really cool you’ll find a rooftop with a bar and see your favourite band.

Or if you’re a bit more spontaneous, try to spot the sun setting from a cafe. Enjoy your food and drinks under the night sky. But make sure to get back inside before it’s too late…

Enjoy your night-time stroll

Whether you’re at the pub or enjoying a quiet drink, you can always take a stroll at night. That’s one of the best ways to get to know your new neighbourhood, take a few friends and enjoy the city’s nightlife.