How Some Full-Time Travellers Earn Money Online

They go together like a hand would fit into a glove, don’t they? Of course I’m talking about travelling and earning money online, something which is a mere dream for most people. It takes some doing to actually knuckle-down and make it happen, but often what it really requires is somewhat of a desperate situation to find oneself in, prompting you to have to find a way to make it happen.

It doesn’t always have to be a morbid story which pushes you though, such as finding out that you have a few months to live having been diagnosed with a terminal-stage cancer for example (I apologise once again for the morbid example). No. It can be that one moment where all the questions you have about your life lead you to a point where you realise you just can’t go on with things the way they are.

A classic example I always go back to is that of a close friend of mine who identifies as a digital nomad. He took inventory of his entire life, counting up all the elements of his life and then just simply asking himself the question of whether he was committed to doing those things for himself or to meet the expectations imposed on him by society, his family, his partner, etc. It was a liberating moment, but at the same time it was one which ushered in a whole new wave of responsibility to have to deal with, because if you choose to go this route you have only yourself to rely on by way of the income you manage to generate.

So, including this mentioned digital nomad friend of mine (who shall not be mentioned by name), here’s a brief walk-through of some proven ways through which some full-time travellers earn their money.

Content monetisation

This is perhaps the favoured way of generating an income on the go for full-time travellers, encompassing a number of different routes, such as blogging (and selling ads or embedding pay-per-click ads), vlogging (so-called YouTubers make money via the ads displayed in their videos), etc.

Freelancing online

This is the “offline” equivalent of getting a good old J-O-B, a job, but naturally you’d be looking at work which can be completed and delivered remotely, such as programming, web design, consulting, graphic design, etc.

Selling online

If you can manage to complete your online sales passively through something like an e-commerce site that has affiliates doing the marketing and sales for you, then selling online is perhaps the best way through which to generate an income as a full-time traveller.

Trading & Gambling

Online casino platforms such as Novibet come to mind as a preferred site on which to make money as a full-time traveller, but many travellers of this kind who make money through gambling are also avid online traders. The two just seem to go well together because if you look at the technicalities behind each of them, in comparison to each other they’re really not that different.