Frequent Traveller Income Lessons Learned from Instagram Car Posts

So it’s no secret by now that pretty much every traveller’s dream is to be able to actually generate money out of their travels as opposed to their travels essentially draining their bank accounts. We blog about it and others even run entire YouTube channels to vlog about it, as one of the avenues through which we can monetize the buzz around all the places we visit and the value we zone-in on as part of the organisational aspect of our travels.

This brings into focus what otherwise seems to be the frivolous task of uploading pics to Instagram, many of which transcend something like your travels if you’re a travel vlogger. So you’d upload pics of your car, for instance, as a lifestyle element of your everyday life, but exactly how that can translate to generating some income forms part of quite a few lessons we can actually learn from Instagram car posts in particular.

Generating a buzz

At the core of it all is one simple objective, which is to generate a buzz around your brand, blog, etc. If we look at the example of car photos posted on Instagram, take a closer look at the captions, hashtags and other content associated with what looks like an endless torrent of mere car pics, what you’ll find is that the content is mostly about jumping on current trends and associating that specific lifestyle element with the brand or person who posted those pics.

If I’m a travel blogger or vlogger for instance, posting a pic of the Jeep Wrangler I hired for a weekend getaway in the hills might very well contribute to that particular vehicle topping the list of most Instagrammed cars, but how it relates to the lifestyle element around which a buzz is generated is simply that as a travel blogger I’m associated with the quality contained in a car such as the Jeep Wrangler.


Going back to the supporting content such as the hashtags, captions and one-line paragraphs, what you’ll often find in the posts of travel bloggers who want to monetize their lifestyle documentation in this way is that they’d include something like affiliate links. Perfecting the contribution to such trends as posting car pics to platforms like Instagram should be done with monetization in mind, through affiliate links as one of many such avenues.

Getting it right with the content

As far as it goes with getting it right with the content you post, car servicing company, Tyre City, have put together an infographic of the ten most Instagrammed cars, which also features some great tips on how to take the perfect car picture if you want to post it to your Instagram and make it count in the manner discussed.

If you perfect a pic of something like the #9 ranked Audi A3 (top ten most Instagrammed cars), a high quality pic could result in lots of traffic, “shares,” “likes,” etc, engagements which can then be capitalised on by incorporating something like an affiliate link to an auto accessories retailer that can reward you with some commission for referring clients.

Check out the infographic for full details: