Five Alternative Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle

From cutting back on the last drinks of the night to life-changing therapies, there are many quick and simple changes you can make to forge a better and healthier way of living. Let’s jump into just five ways to improve your lifestyle.

Join a Social Group 

There is no doubt about it – being a member of a group or feeling as if you’re a part of the community is imperative for wellbeing and a sense of belonging. But there could be even more to it than that. Studies have shown that people who engage as a part of a group or are active in their communities are not only happier and less stressed, but as a result, they could also have better physical health. Getting involved in weekly fun activities with a few people from the neighborhood can improve your mood and also provide a break from your regular schedule. For instance, men can go to weekend NFL games to cheer for their local teams, and for that, they can look for tickets online through websites similar to TickPick. Similarly, women can also find common interests to indulge in their spare time. So why not join a local group or organise a gathering of friends and family – the benefits could be endless!

Joining a social group could also reduce the amount of screen time you take in – and replacing time in the digital world with time spent forging real connections and interactions is another simple but effective way to improve your lifestyle. 

Reset Your Anxieties with Hypnotherapy 

For a quick and effective type of therapy that gets right to the crux of an emotional issue or reason for harbouring anxiety, try hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for stress can allow you to access new levels of brain capacity, self-confidence, and of course, allow you to live a calm lifestyle with your anxiety under control.

This can be done remotely with online hypnotherapy programmes and can often reap results after just one session. This type of therapy has great success for anxiety, depression, stress, or even certain unhealthy addictions.   

Ground Yourself 

Grounding is a technique that allows you to feel psychically closer to the world around you and is a great way to reset and realign your energy. The therapeutic act of grounding reconnects you to the energy earth. Those who practice grounding feel the electrical charges from the earth can positively effect your body, freeing your mind from negativity or feelings of disconnection.

Best of all, grounding is easy to do  – whether you take a mindful, barefoot walk on grass, lie on the ground, or even want to try connecting with the earth’s energy by floating in natural water, there are lots of options. Whatever promotes skin-to-ground contact allows you to focus on the world that holds you and its healing energy. Searching for a new positive mindset in this way could be ideal for opening up emotional blocks, allowing for a new way of seeing things.

Swap Coffee for Hot Water 

This may seem obvious, but it can work wonders. It is easy to get into the routine of having too much coffee, which can easily cause unnecessary anxiety. Not only will cutting back on coffee help reduce your stress levels (as well as keeping your teeth white, saving money and cutting back on non-recyclable takeaway cups, to boot), replacing cups of java with water will keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. Who knows what could be possible with less anxiety, more hydration and a little extra cash! 

Skip the Last Drinks of the Night 

For those who don’t want to take the plunge into full sobriety, simply skipping the last couple of drinks on a night out could make all the difference. Drinking affects the brain exponentially, meaning the negative greatly increases with each additional drink. Cutting back on the last few of the night, or even keeping your drinking to just one or two a night, could massively help your brain capacity. As with cutting back on coffee, lowering your intake of alcohol has untold benefits in itself, from weight control to better sleep and clearer skin – and with these benefits under your belt, the world will be your oyster! 

If cutting back on alcohol seems daunting, or you are worried about the amount you are currently drinking, there are multiple ways you can get help, including embarking on an online hypnosis-for-drinking programme.

Infographic created by Bactolac Pharmaceutical – nutritional supplement manufacturer