Finding a Catalyst to Fuel Your Travels

I would imagine it’s at worst a low-key dream they have nonetheless, if someone says they could never live out their lives as a full-time traveller. Some people do indeed harbour a fear of effectively “tainting” their travels and thereby taking the fun out of it, by what they believe would be overdoing it.

Ask someone with itchy feet, like myself, however, and we sing a totally different verse! It just never, ever gets tired, old or boring. Truth be told, even with my entire family in-tow, if I had the choice to be on the road for the rest of my life, that’s exactly what I’d do!

Okay, so whether you’re perfectly happy with your singular, annual vacation that coincides with your leave days, or indeed if you’re more of the nomadic, perhaps budget traveller ilk, in order to make sure you have a solid plan to make those travels happen, you have to find some kind of catalyst.

A career in travel

You’d have to be strategic about exactly which career you get into, within the travel and tourism sector, if this is indeed the catalyst you’ve chosen to fuel your travels. Generally speaking it can be pretty much any position within a travel related career that can open the doors to the world for you, but knowledge is power and that knowledge will steer you in the direction of some of these positions and careers that will complement your subsequent travels better than others.

For example, a cabin-crew member effectively flies between a selection of between 1 and 3 destinations very frequently, but can they say they’ve travelled and explored the world in this way? However, they do get some great perks, such as vastly reduced flight tickets if not completely free ones, to all manne of destinations, in the same way that professionals occupying pretty much all other positions within the same company enjoy as well…

You can also always pivot within the industry to try and find a career or position that will fuel your travels to your heart’s desire.

A travel-related career

If you actually come to think of it, pretty much any career can be related to travel and thus act as a catalyst to fuel one’s travels. A certain video editor who decided to focus on editing travel videos, for instance, recently landed a gig that had him flown in to come and shoot footage of a conference to be held at one of the most luxurious skiing resorts. This is a great example of how to find or even carve out a travel-related career, or simply find a hustle which you can relate to the travel and tourism industry in some or other way.

He asked the people he was going to do the video editing for if they could extend the trip for him by a single day and they duly obliged!

So, if at the core of your desire to travel is the joy you simply extract out of jumping on a plane to someplace other than your usual living environment, you will quite easily find a catalyst to fuel those travels.