Fancy Ways To Travel: Mark Them Off Your Bucket List

Everybody should make a traveling bucket list. Even if it’s not realistic. Even if you know it’s never going to happen. There’s still nothing wrong with having a wish list simply because it helps to keep your ego in check, and gives you a point of reference when you do make it further up the ladder regarding your standard of living.

A couple of the fancy ways to travel that you might throw on your list include traveling by private jet, heading off on a luxury cruise, taking a guided hike up a mountain trail, or even just taking a cross-country journey in a luxury coach. Those are just examples, but they do represent the possibility of unusual or memorable travel.

Private Jet

Most people will never get to travel by private jet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put it on your bucket list. We all look up to sports stars, some politicians and world leaders, movie stars, and other people that get to appreciate the luxury of private jet travel. If that’s something you think you’d like to do someday, throw it on your wish list and meditate on your reasons for having this particular desire.

Luxury Cruise

A little bit more reasonable wish to put on your potential travel itinerary would be to go on a luxury cruise sometime. This may cost in the thousands of dollars, but it could also be for an extended period, really giving you an opportunity to kick back and enjoy the experience. Many couples who have made it into retirement choose to go on luxury cruises as a way to congratulate themselves on maintaining a career and getting a fair amount of savings to back their pleasure-seeking later in life.

Guided Hikes Up a Mountain Trail

For active and adventurous people, you can go on a guided tour of a mountain trail or do a similar activity to that. The more you’re willing to pay, the more you can personalize the experience. You and your partner could pay a tour guide to take you individually up into amazing ecosystems to experience things that many people do not.


Luxury Coach

And we’ve all looked in envy at rock stars they get to travel by luxury coach. Have you ever wondered what it’s like being inside those vehicles? There are cross-country tours all the time that have these sort of amenities available. Pick one big city, and then pick another big city to travel to. From there, you should be able to look into all of the coach opportunities that are available. Depending on the amount of money you have and the amount of time that you have to spend, you can do some memorable traveling this way.