Where to Explore With Your New Bike

Sometimes, it is easy for anyone to feel lost. Life can be messy and stressful. You are always engaged with no time to relax. Some of the moments in life are quite rare, yet precious. That is why some places are worth exploring, and they are even easier to find when you are on your bike. With your bicycle security intact, there’s no reason why you cannot take an adventure to fascinating places around the world and make memories that can last a lifetime. Some of the places you can explore with your bike include:

London to Brighton

Coastal Brighton is the capital’s closet seaside hotel with rocky beaches and vibrant city center. Just fifty-eight miles to the south of London – as well as a doable six cycling hours – this hip city is one of London’s most preferred weekend escapes. Your trip begins at Lambeth North station and heads towards Kennington Road. The highlight of this tour is the rural scenery evident between Purley and Redhill, a region with cozy pubs, medieval churches, and sparkling streams.

Upon arriving at Brighton, you can head to the beach promenade to catch some delicious seafood from the restaurants within. There’s a Palm Court Restaurant along with many other food kiosks where you can purchase the traditional chips and fish.

If you are still energetic, you can ride your way back to London or you may opt to catch a train. Trains heading to London run throughout the day, with approximately 30 to 40 minutes of the journey time.

Biking in France

Another excellent area to explore with your bike is France. The range of bike trips in France offers an opportunity for you to explore the long stretches of French rural heaven from your saddle. Experience France by riding along the many rivers and canals as you sample the local produce and visit the historical sites which are guaranteed to create lasting memories. In the evening, you can sip a pastis as you watch the amazing rural scenery slip by.

France offers some of the exceptional bike experiences you’ll ever see. Explore what Province has to offer on an exciting Camargue to Avignon tour and make memories that you’ll forever live to remember.

Biking in Germany

You can explore Germany by cycling along its famous riverways. Filled with enchanting castles, romantic forests, and irresistible smell of a freshly baked bread, you are always close to quenching your thirst with Germany’s traditional apfelsaft or beer. After a day of exploration using your bicycle, you can enjoy your dinner in one or Germany’s most exquisite restaurants or sit by the river banks and watch as the waters go by.

Wrap Up

There are numerous cycling routes in various parts of the world. It is important to be well-informed regarding these routes so you can be prepared for your exploration. Do your research to find out what essentials you’ll need to carry to avoid problems on the way. Also, carry your touring gear such as a map and compass to guide you throughout your exploration journey.