Embracing Significant Milestones in the Life of a Traveller

While it may be wise to take a break for a little while, having a baby shouldn’t stop you from travelling. In the past, a “plan for what will happen if it doesn’t work out” could lead to disappointment. Now, it’s the realisation that it really is different for everyone that means we can make the most of life at home with our baby, from enjoying some downtime one any top 20 online casino UK parents love to relax with, to keeping up with some of the testing challenges of the demands of raising an infant.

Not only does the moment your baby comes into the world change everything, it changes your circumstances on a daily basis. Parents know, as we do, that life goes on regardless. It’s possible to travel, meet new people, make new connections, and keep putting yourself in situations that will lead you to new opportunities. I did everything I could to do that when we were in New Zealand, but my return to the UK was what needed to happen in order to complete my next project. And here I am now, taking on the next adventure with my beautiful, bright-eyed little girl in my arms.

And yet, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I feel more connected to the world now, not because my life has changed, but because my heart has. I have a greater understanding of people, life and happiness, because we were able to grow together. I will never regret taking on the challenges that came my way while I was living abroad, not because it brought about joy, but because it gave me a fresh perspective and a newfound respect for what we have here in Britain. The kindness of strangers was something that really stuck with me. I think it is important that we all appreciate and show kindness to each other, to our friends, family, strangers, and to ourselves. When you do, you can’t help but grow.

From my own experience, I would say to anyone considering an overseas adventure: be ready for a massive emotional upheaval. Allow time to really make those friendships, connections and experiences happen. Do everything you can to make the most of what you’re giving up, and know that your children will appreciate it someday.

I’m not suggesting that parents can’t make meaningful life changes. We can certainly do it in London, but we may not be able to do so in a country with a very different culture. However, for me, life in London has been a much-needed breather. I’ve met some lovely people, discovered new things, learned new lessons, and really started to enjoy my life, instead of waiting for the next big thing. Life is much less lonely here. Having a baby helps, too.

My life is nowhere near perfect now, but I’m loving it. My son is doing really well, too. He’s taking everything in his stride. All I’ve needed to do is enjoy the next stage of life, and look after my family.