Drive more traffic to your travel blog – Know how to boost visibility

The travel industry and the social media are more like a match made in heaven! Once you get to see the numerous travel blogs that are linked to their Instagram accounts, you’ll know why we said this. However, you shouldn’t have the notion that this match is only perfect for travelers who visit glamorous locations and who have millions of followers.

If you too have a travel blog of your own and you are a travel freak who keeps traveling and documenting your trips on your blog, you must be looking for increased online visibility. While there are companies like Ignite Digital that can help you with optimization tips, we’ll give you a few handy tips to optimize your travel blog.

Knowing the formula of strategic content promotion

Like having any other business, your travel blogs also have maximum capacity of attracting people. You just mustmake sure you content is of high quality and is appealing to the target audience. Create innovative headlines, write evergreen and relevant content,and keep updating new and fresh posts. The mantra to being a successful travel blogger is blending several techniques to produce the best content for visitors.

Explore the option of joining hands with social media influencers

When you have a travel blog, this means you’ll have to do every single task by yourself to reap the benefits. How about joining hands with other bloggers or influencers who are also a part of your niche? If you can collaborate with famous influencers, this can drive more traffic to your blog. You can also tie up with small business organizations that help you in bringing in more traffic to your website and building credibility.

Try out proven ways of improving user experience

While you build a travel blog of your own, you should focus on giving the best user experience to everyone who visits your site. In fact, user experience is probably the most vital factor that the search engine giants like Google consider. Your website should load in 3 seconds, it should have several landing pages, and it should be easily navigable. All these will make sure the bounce-back rates for your blog are at their minimum.

In order to accomplish that, you would need a professional web developer in-house, if not, you can outsource one from a reputable web development firm. However, if you don’t attract enough people to your website, this will be of no use. In this case, you may also want to hire a reputed SEO firm (click this link if you are in need of such services) that can optimize your website and drive more visitors to it.

A team of SEO experts can certainly guarantee an influx of a multitude of customers to your website. But is your website prepared to handle the traffic without facing a crash? Make sure that your website is optimized for a high volume of traffic before you launch any SEO campaigns. Ensure that your hosting provider can support the surge in traffic and that your website has been tested for any bugs and issues. If necessary, consider setting up a Virtual Waiting Room to be better prepared.

Allow space for guest posts on your blog

To have a strong online presence, it is essential to promote your travel blogs. Writing guest posts is undoubtedly one of the best ways of linking to other high authority travel blogs. Writing guest posts is writing articles for other sites that have more authoritative value so that you can get backlinks from that website. High value backlinks also increase your online visibility. However, make sure you choose website of your niche while choosing for writing guest posts. This will help in attracting similar target audience.

Therefore, if you’re a traveler who has been delaying his wish of starting a travel blog, what are you waiting for? Start documenting your stories and use the above listed ways to boost your traffic. For more information on heavy load transport at a reasonable rate, you may visit